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Last-Minute Tricked Out Halloween Party Apps and Drinks

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Try these tricks to make your last-minute Halloween party a real treat!

Decided just now to throw a monster bash? Be not afraid. Everything you need follows, from ooky-spooky snacks to cocktails that’ll really get the high spirits going. Throw a fright night to remember—if you dare!


1. Monster Cereal Milkshakes

Give your inner child a special treat. Whip up these spooktacular milkshakes made with the monster cereal of your choice.


2. Eyeball Martini

Halloween Martini

Shake things up (or stir, if your guests so prefer). Get an eyeful of these sweet and savory garnishes for your martinis, crafted to make serious eye contact as you tip one back.


3. Ghostini

Halloween Ghostini

Don’t let the simple color of these ghostly goodies fool you. Each sip is packed with delicious flavors, thanks to hazelnut and white chocolate liqueurs and a dollop of cream.


4. Piña “Ghoul”adas

Halloween Ghouladas

It’s a piña colada disguised as a creepy cocktail, made from scratch from coconut cream, juices and a little cream with rum. Around the edge, sweet syrup adds a bloody good finishing touch.


5. Three Cheese Elbow Bites

Halloween Bites

Orange is the traditional color of Halloween. Conveniently, it’s also the color of everyone’s favorite snack, mac ‘n’ cheese! Put it all together with luscious cheeses in one-bite snacks, and you’ve got a too-cool-for-ghouls appetizer for that spooky smash of a fête.


6. Melting Candy Corn Cookies

Halloween cookies

Be ready to be accused of being a witch. First of all, these cookies are bewitchingly good; secondly, you’ll make them so fast it’ll look like magic—no toil, no trouble.


7. Black Cat Beer

Halloween Beer

Spiced stouts are all the rage, adding delicious notes to an already fabulously flavored dark beer. Our recipe adds subtle richness with brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger and cloves for a party bev that’ll brew up all sorts of fun.


8. Halloweenie Poppers

Halloween Poppers

They look like regular weenie wraps, but like so many things at Halloween, looks can be deceiving. Each of these yummy sausage rolls includes a helping of creamy queso blanco and jalapeños, so they’re frightfully fabulous.


9. Green Goblin Nachos

Halloween Nachos

Going green is always a good choice—and at Halloween, it’s a color-themed must. This nacho recipe cranks up the color with cilantro, chiles, and a generous top-off of gooey guac. Wizards’ hats off to the host!


10. Pumpkin Pie Moonshine

Halloween Moonshine

Pumpkin season has everyone on the lookout for the next spiced drink—lucky them, you’re serving it up right at the party. Vodka, spice, pumpkin puree. Easy as (pumpkin) pie, and twice as fun.


11. Halloween Buddies

Halloween Buddies

Chex™ Muddy Buddies™ are gobbled up any time of year. We love this twist on the classic treat recipe with candy corn and crunchy cocktail peanuts. So delicious, it’s scary!


12. Black Widow Dip

Halloween Dip

Takes no time at all—but that can be the little secret we cackle over as we stir our cauldron of beans and spices. Just use a knife to turn simple stripes into a complex web that’ll attract every tortilla chip in the vicinity.


13. Halloween Frankencat Cookies

Halloween frankencat

Total Frankencuties! These squared-off cookies will get everyone at the party yowling with joy, and since they’re made with prepped dough and pre-shaped eyes, you’ll be able to stock up with dozens of treats—no trick.


14. Halloween Zombie Chex Mix®

Halloween Chex

Overstocked on trick-or-treat candy? Here’s one way to use up that extra chocolate and those bits: whip up a terrifyingly terrific batch of Chex™ Mix, throwing in an extra handful of corn for good measure.


15. Pear-Infused Poison

Halloween Pear

For those who choose their poison based on flavor and potency, tequila wins every time. This pear-infused cocktail lightens the taste but heightens the punch, making it just right for late-night trickery and wee-hour treats.


16. Black Widow Martini

Halloween black widow

One of the deepest, darkest and most delicious cocktails ever concocted, sweetly rimmed with coarse sugar to counteract the tart pomegranate flavor. Let the cackling commence.


17. Booschetta

Halloween booschetta

Nobody ever said that you couldn’t add a little gourmet to your ghostly-good party, and this reinvented bruschetta builds on its Italian roots by adding luscious Gorgonzola and nuts to the mix. Boo appétit! 

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