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Donut Hole Snowballs

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Donut Hole Snowballs

Super cute holiday treats for the cookie plate, a party or DIY gift giving.

  • Prep Time 30 min
  • Total Time 60 min
  • Servings 16

Donut Hole Snowballs  

As prepared by tbspSusan

Candy-coated donut holes are swished in snow-white sugar to make these snowball holiday treats.

You remember the scene in the holiday hit movie Elf -- where he pours syrup over pasta and then crunched up pastries over that?

Well, these Donut Hole Snowballs are about as insanely sweet, pouring candy coating over donut holes and then sugar sprinkles over that. But, Santa baby, you're gonna love how cute they are on the cookie plate!

Snowballs and Snowman

These are super easy -- done in an hour -- so you can plop, drop and roll and have these ready for your party tonight.

Here's what you need:

Pretty sugar sprinkles. I used a bunch of different ones, but if you use just one, make it the white sparkling sugar.

Sprinkles for Donut Hole Snowballs

White candy coating. Any kind will do, but I use vanilla almond bark candy.

Vanilla Candy for Snowballs Recipe

Donut holes. I got these at my local grocery store in the bakery department. Donut holes vary in size, but it doesn't matter. Just make sure to get the plain, uncoated ones.

Donut Holes for Candy Coated Snowballs

Now you're ready to make snowballs! First, melt the candy coating.

Melting Candy for Snowballs Recipe

I use a double boiler. You could use two pans if you have some that nest, or a stainless bowl over a pan, or you could use the microwave.

I've found that the double boiler (with about a cup of water in the bottom pan) keeps the candy at the right melted temp to keep the process movin' along.

Melted Candy for Donut Hole Snowballs

Next, use a fork and jab a donut hole about half-way through, good and secure.

Donut Hole on Fork

Then plop it into a candy bath. After dunking it, hold it over the pan and tap it a bit to remove all the extra coating.

Donut Hole Dunked in Candy Coating

Then drop it into a dish of sprinkles.

Rolling Donut Holes in Sprinkles

Let it rest so the candy hardens up just a bit, maybe 5 minutes. During this time, go back and do more donut holes and drop them into other dishes of sprinkles so you can keep this process hummin'.

When the coating is set up a bit, take two forks and roll the ball around to coat it in sprinkles. Then remove it to waxed paper to harden up completely.

Roll Donut Hole in Sprinkles

Cute! When you're done and they're set, they make a fun treat plate!

Plate of Candy Coated Donut Hole Snowballs

Add a bit more pizzazz if you want with some extra sprinkles. I used a toothpick and extra candy coating to "paste" these edible holly sprinkles on.

Close Up of Donut Hole Snowball

And it's a surprise when you bite into one and discover ... a donut center! Yum!

Inside Donut Hole Snowballs

So much fun to give as gifts, too -- kinda like jewels in a little box.

Donut Hole Snowball in Box

Happy snowballing!

Snowballs Close Up

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Donut Hole Snowballs


to 24 fresh, uncoated donut holes
ounce vanilla candy (like for almond bark)
sprinkles choice -- clear white sparkling sugar works well, white nonpareils, white jimmies, silver edible glitter, etc.)


  • 1 Prep: Pour sprinkles into small dishes. Chop candy into squares. Set out a large sheet of wax paper to put finished snowballs.
  • 2 Melt white candy in a double boiler. (Microwaving works but makes it harder to keep the candy melted as you do all of the balls.)
  • 3 With a fork, pierce a donut hole about half way through. Dip donut hole into the melted candy, coating completely.
  • 4 Drop the ball into a dish of sprinkles and remove the fork. With the tines of the fork, cover the holes the fork made. Let ball sit to harden a few minutes. Repeat process and drop more balls into other small dishes of sprinkles.
  • 5 After a few minutes, use two clean forks to roll the ball in the sprinkles to cover it completely. Use forks to remove ball to wax paper to set completely.
  • 6 Repeat until all donut holes are done or candy coating is used up. Add edible holly sprinkles as shown if desired (
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