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Watermelon Freezer Pops

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Watermelon Freezer Pops
  • Prep Time 30 min
  • Total Time 4 hr 30 min
  • Servings 16
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Watermelon Freezer Pops

Frozen watermelon-flavored pops -- what a great way to cool down!


cup sugar, divided
(3 oz) package lime-flavored gelatin
cups boiling water
cup cold water, divided
cup ice cubes, divided
(3 oz) package watermelon-flavored gelatin
tablespoon miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips
(6 oz) cartons Yoplait® French vanilla yogurt


  • 1 Mix 1/3 cup sugar and lime gelatin mix in medium bowl. Add 1 cup boiling water; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved. Add enough ice to 1/2 cup cold water to measure 3/4 cup. Add to lime gelatin; stir until ice is completely melted. Refrigerate 30 min.
  • 2 Meanwhile, repeat Step 1 using watermelon gelatin mix and omitting the refrigeration step. Pour 2 Tbsp of the watermelon gelatin into each of the 16 (3-oz) paper cups. Freeze 20 min (no more, no less!). Stir 1/2 tsp mini chocolate chips into gelatin in each cup so that they are somewhat evenly spaced.
  • 3 Spoon an additional 2 tbsp yogurt into the cups on top of the red gelatin mixture. Freeze for another 10 minutes. Then gently pour 2 tbsp. of the lime gelatin mixture on top of the yogurt layer in each cup. Insert a stick into each cup, then freeze for 3 hours or until frozen.
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Watermelon Freezer Pops

As prepared by Gimme Some Oven,

Tired of the summer heat wave? Chill out with the perfect frozen treat!

Tis the season for watermelon.

And freezer pops.

So of course, it only makes sense that you should make these Watermelon Freezer Pops!  These definitely kick the idea of freezer pops to an entirely new level.

Made from simple gelatin and yogurt, these cute little pops begin with a layer of lime gelatin, topped with French vanilla yogurt, and then topped with the bright red watermelon layer and some sweet little surprises for “seeds."

Definitely a fun dessert that kids and adults will love, and there is no ice cream maker required!  Just a simple, adorable and festive popsicle recipe to celebrate a favorite fruit of the season.  Cheers to the amazing watermelon!!!

Here's how to make a batch of your own:

First, mix up a batch of watermelon gelatin.  Spoon about 2 Tbsp gelatin into each 3 oz cup, and then freeze the cups for 20 minutes.  (Be sure not to forget about them in the freezer – after 20 minutes they start to really get solid!)

Once 20 minutes has passed, pull them back out and stir about ½ tsp mini chocolate chips into each cup.  Refreeze for a bit longer.

Red gelatin layer with mini chocolate chips

Then it comes time for the easiest layer – Yoplait French Vanilla yogurt.  No mixing required!  Just spoon an additional 2 Tbsp yogurt on top of the watermelon layer after it has refrozen for a bit.

Yogurt layer

And give it a little shake to make sure that the yogurt evens out.

Even the yogurt layer out

Then top with the final layer – lime gelatin!  And of course, finish it off with a stick for lickin'.

Lime gelatin layer and stick

Freeze for about 3 hours or until firm.  Once you’re ready to serve, pull out a cup and run the sides of it under warm water for a few seconds, and then the popsicle should “pop” (ha!) right out!

Watermelon freezer pops ready to eat

Enjoy the watermelon deliciousness!!!


Ali loves music and fun food! Check out her great stuff at her blog site, Gimme Some Oven, and her Tablespoon profile -- and keep watching Quick Dish to see what colorful, nommy recipes she dreams up next!

Do you make your own pops? What flavor do you like best?

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