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Letter from the Editor | Hello, November

Updated November 1, 2019
piece of pumpkin pie, coffee cup, lists
Thanksgiving for breakfast, holiday bucket lists and the beauty of chaos—here’s what’s been going on at Tablespoon.

Chaos. Pure Chaos.

As someone who works in a food space during the month of November, I’ve been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving lately. I’ve decided Thanksgiving Day is a lot like trying to coordinate an after-school pickup. For starters, there are a bunch of schedules you have to try and coordinate against, with different kids needing rides at different times, depending on where they live and what time they need to be home by. Some kids have allergies that everyone else on the bus needs to be aware of. Everyone’s a little hungry. At least one person has a runny one and a different person is probably crying. If you’re from a big family or married into one, I’m sure you can relate. Thanksgiving can be a really stressful day, and if there’s anything to be thankful for on this day, it’s that it only happens once a year. I’m only kidding (slightly). In spite of how purely chaotic the energy is, one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is all the pre-dinner madness of kids (and at least one dog) running around in conjunction with the never-ending line of family coming through the front door. I think it’s the fact that it only happens once a year that makes the day feel so special. How often do you get the opportunity to gather with so many people who care for you (or at the very least, put up with you)? It might be an insane, loud, tiring event, but at the end of it all, it’s good to be surrounded by family.

Current Happenings

Even though my calendar says Thanksgiving is right around the corner, here at Tablespoon we’ve been in Thanksgiving mode since July. Seriously. We’ve been tasting, testing and tasting again a bunch of delicious new recipes that will hopefully be dotted across dining tables around the country this November. From side dishes like you’ve never seen to desserts that are as simple as they are simply next-level, we’ve been hard at work perfecting our recipes so you can show up on the Big Thursday ready to impress.

This year, we’ve delved into a totally new way to do Thanksgiving that I’m really excited to share. Have you heard of this new trend where instead of eating a Thanksgiving dinner, you serve a Thanksgiving brunch instead? It’s untraditional for sure, but also makes a lot of sense for some households—mine included. My wife works in the retail world, and with Black Friday now starting at 5:00pm on Thanksgiving Day, she’s always busy that afternoon. Rather than eating dinner far too early or way too late in the day, a big brunch spread makes the most sense. We’ve worked to develop some really interesting recipes that speak to the flavor profiles of Thanksgiving but taste better with a mimosa.

Looking Ahead

Surprise! Christmas is right around the corner, and just like we’ve been taste-testing turkey recipes since July, we’ve been knee-deep in the holiday spirit since June (June!). We’ll be bringing back our specialty—Holiday Hacks—with all new tips and tricks to help you get through the season without sweating. We’ve also been making cookies galore as we gear up for our favorite holiday pastime: the cookie decorating party. Cookie exchanges are fun too, but the idea of gathering a group of friends to decorate cookies together sounds like the perfect Christmas activity.

I really can’t wait for Christmas. Even though we’ve been preparing for the holidays since summer started, it’s still the most wonderful time of the year. Since the season always goes by in a flash, I try to create a “Holiday Bucket List,” so I don’t miss out on some of my favorite activities. From listening to Mariah Carey’s holiday album to going sledding, I make sure to write it all down. What would you put on your Holiday Bucket List?