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Keep Cookies Fresh with This Trick

Created September 23, 2019
Chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk
After all of the cookie exchanges are over, you’re left with more cookies than you can count. Don’t let a single snickerdoodle go to waste! We’ve got just the trick for keeping your cookies fresher for longer.

Christmas time means cookie time. Whether you baked dozens of sugar cookies with your kids, you participated in a cookie exchange or your neighbors just keep dropping by with batches of gingersnaps, an overstock of cookies is a common occurrence in late December. Keep those cookies fresh by using this simple, almost free trick.

Chocolate chip cookies in a glass container with a slice of bread

When storing your cookies, it’s important to keep them in an air-tight container. But before you shut that lid, toss a fresh slice of bread in with your cookies. Yep, that’s right—a slice of bread will give your cookies extra life. You might not consider bread as a moist food, but it is. And like anything with moisture, that moisture is constantly evaporating. In an enclosed space, that evaporation has nowhere to go, which is great news for the sugars in your cookies. They’re able to absorb that moisture, resulting in fresh, soft, chewy morsels. We think sacrificing one slice of bread to keep cookies fresher longer seems like a pretty decent trade off, right?