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20 Bachelorette Party Recipes to Soak Up All That Alcohol

Created March 6, 2017

From jello shots to cupcakes and back to jello shots, we’ve got everything you need to keep Team Bride going all day and all night.

The rules of the bachelorette party are simple. You want to make sure that the bachelorette is having a fun, stress-free time, while also setting up the bride’s friends for a night of party success. The last thing you want is a crying bride or bored guests. Yes, it’s the bride’s night, but your guests are spending lots of money over the next few months, so they should at least get a couple of pretty jelly shots.

Seventeen of these recipes contain alcohol, and the other three are—and we quote—“better than sex.” The perfect bachelorette party ratio, if you ask us.

Get the party started and keep it going all night long with all our best party recipes.