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Boat Party Recipes

Created April 13, 2020
Partying on the water is the best way to spend summer. Check out these easy and tasty recipes for your next boat party!
If you’re lucky enough to live by a lake or ocean, you’re probably familiar with the summer need for a friend with a boat—and snagging some invites for a day on the water. Finding a good boat friend is like someone giving you the key to the city. You get to step away from the crowded beaches and into the presence of all the beautiful people. If you get on a boat you might be making a day of it, kicking off early in the morning and getting back after the sun goes down. If you’re going to make it through that day of fun, you need snacks! Snacks that are portable, durable and efficient in keeping hunger away. You’re also going to want some fun boozy options. It is a boat party, after all!