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Choose What You’ll Bring to the Potluck and We’ll Reveal Your Party Personality

Updated April 30, 2018
What you bring to the potluck says a lot about you and let’s be honest, sometimes your party pants and keg stand skills just aren’t enough to impress. Bring any one of these crowd-favorite recipes and we promise, your party personality will shine and you’ll be judged in all the right ways.

I’d Show Up with Cake for the Crowd

I’d Bring a Party Dip to Get the Party Started

I’d Come With Sliders for Everyone to Share

I’d Whip Up an Instagram-Worthy Fruit Pizza

I’d Arrive With a Plate of Bacon-Filled Appetizers

I’d Wow the Crowd with a Loaded Pasta Salad

People will love you even more if you bring two potluck recipes. Click here for another perfect potluck pick.