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16 Fabulous Friendsgiving Apps

Created January 26, 2017
There’s the family you’re related to, and the friends who feel like family. So when Friendsgiving rolls around, you're going to want to step it up a notch to show your gratitude. These are the apps for that.
While traditional family holidays may stick to serving classic dishes, friend-family holidays like Friendsgiving are a great way to create new and special traditions to share with your loved ones. These tasty traditions are fresh takes on old favorites. Turn mashed potatoes into crunchy deep fried balls stuffed with cheese and bacon! Use cranberries as more than just a condiment for turkey by adding it to cheese, layering it into dip, and baking it into puff pastry! Create fun and interesting appetizers as a precursor to the big meal; OR, think outside the box and create an entire meal out of just appetizers! Whatever you do, treat your friend fam to delicious foods to show them just how thankful you are to have them in your life.