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8 Thanksgiving Dinners That Skip the Turkey

Created January 26, 2017
Maybe you don't have two days to wait for a bird to defrost. Maybe turkey isn't your thing. It's cool. You can still serve up a Thanksgiving feast worthy of a gathering. Gobble gobble, friends.
Holidays are steeped in tradition. Not only in our reasons behind the celebration but also in the foods we share. And one of the most food-oriented holidays is Thanksgiving. While turkey is what’s traditionally served during Thanksgiving dinner, it’s not necessarily everyone’s favorite. Maybe it’s too much food for a small gathering. Or it requires more work than you want or are able to do. Or, maybe you just don’t like it. Whatever the reason, it’s totally ok to think outside the turkey roaster and serve something different this year. If you don’t want to stray too far from tradition, you can roast a chicken instead. Smaller and more manageable, roasted chicken is an easy and delicious alternative. Or, try pork loin. It’s the other white meat that goes great with cranberries! And if you’re more of a red meat kind of person, don’t be afraid to serve up hearty, beefy meals like short ribs or beef roasts. Whatever you do, just enjoy the day and make sure to eat whatever you love; Thanksgiving without turkey is perfectly acceptable.