22 Valentine’s Day Desserts You Need In Your Life

Updated November 14, 2019
There are so many ways to tell someone that you care. But what’s our love language? Dessert.
From heart-shaped brownies stuffed with cheesecake to crème brûlée cookie bars, we’ve packed tons of good flavors and love into these recipes. If there’s a better way to show your love than with one of these over-the-top treats, we certainly don’t know what it is. But don’t stop there; make sure to shower all of your loved ones with Valentine’s Day goodies this year!
This Valentine’s Day, skip the cards and jewelry and make a decadent homemade treat instead. With easy dessert recipes like these, they’re the perfect way to show someone just how much you care. And whether you make them cheesecake-stuffed brownies, gooey butter cake bars or cherry-topped chocolate cookies, your Valentine is guaranteed to feel the love.