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13 Foods That Are Worth Getting Up For Even When (Especially When) You’re Hungover

Created September 6, 2018
We’ve all been there—hanging out with friends or celebrating the night before only to wake up the next morning realizing that “just one more” may have been a mistake. While the urge to crawl back under the covers is strong, there are plenty of reasons to get up. Like homemade pop tarts, grilled cheese sandwiches with sloppy Joe filling or skillet-fried spaghetti—just to name a few. With food this good, you’ll be more than willing to drag yourself out of bed.
Easy, fast and no clean-up—these are the keys to the best foods for hangover help. Whether you have a slightly delayed start to the morning or a full-on can’t-get-out-of-bed kind of day, these hangover-worthy meals are here to make you feel better. Morning bites like skillet hash and breakfast egg rolls are simple enough to throw together and keep you going for the remainder of the day. Or if you slept through the morning but made it out of bed in time for lunch, then an epic grilled cheese overflowing with sloppy Joe mix or pizza sticks are a guaranteed win. And if things are really rough, then throw-together dinner options like easy fried rice and microwave mac and cheese are here to make sure you don’t go completely hungry. So no matter how hard you partied the night before, we’ve got the cure-all recipes you need to get going again the next day.