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14 Muffin-Tin Meals We’re Not Ashamed to Love

Updated July 12, 2018
Dinners packed into muffin-sized portions? Hard yes! Cupcakes, pies, bites—whatever you want to call them, these muffin-tin meals are a fun and easy way to turn classic dishes like lasagna, chicken pot pie, or tacos into grab-and-go portions for your next brunch, lunch or dinner. So gather those muffin-tins and get baking!
Besides being incredibly versatile, muffin tins make fast and easy work of just about any meal and can transform a classic dinner into fun, conveniently sized portion. Lasagna is simplified into cupcake-sized offerings, cutting down on prep and cooking time. No longer will you need to skip breakfast because you can pre-portion grab-and-go options like breakfast sandwiches and omelette bites. Pizzas and tacos become mini treats that can double as both weeknight meals and hearty snacks. With muffin-tin meals, almost anything can be tweaked into a miniature bite-sized version, making it the perfect solution for fun, casual dining, snack time, game days and parties.