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9 Easy Cookie Recipes for Non-Bakers

Created April 13, 2020
Not a baker? Don’t worry, these impressive cookies are so easy, you’ll crush the holiday cookie exchange for sure.
Not everyone can be a top chef in the kitchen, magically waving about spatulas and whisks to create awe-inspiring and artistic food items that cause people to gasp aloud. With most cooking you can fudge around a bit—pinches and smidges are valid amounts of measure and it’s cool, like in horseshoes, if you get pretty close. But baking is a whole other beast. It’s like kitchen science and in the world of baking the stakes are high. One tiny miscalculation and cakes collapse in on themselves, outsides are burnt and crunchy while insides are uncooked, things can fail to rise altogether. Who can deal with that kind of pressure? Don’t fret—we get it, and we’re here for you. Here’s a list of delectable cookies that look like you went to culinary school to make them but are actually quite easy to make.