Your Guide to Making Colored Frosting

Created November 1, 2018
Baking cookies is always a good time. Decorating cookies is not always a good time. Let’s be honest, we all have a vision for how our Christmas cookies are going to turn out—in most cases, thanks to our holiday Pinterest boards. But when the cookies turn out nothing like the photo and our Christmas cookie dreams are crushed, we can quickly go from humming Christmas songs in the kitchen to using a few choice words that we’re not allowed to say on Tablespoon. This frosting cheat sheet is your best guide to make sure the color of your frosting turns out just right for your cookies this year. It puts you one step closer to a Pinterest-worthy cookie while saving your patience for untangling those Christmas lights. MORE+ LESS-

You need to bookmark this page. Pin this article. Or print this chart. It’s going to make your holiday baking a whole lot easier—guaranteed! Whether you bake cookies from scratch or prefer to create cookie magic from a mix, this frosting hack is a time saver, a life saver and a total cookie saver! There’s nothing worse than baking the perfect batch of sugar cookies or cookie cutouts and having the final frosting touch fail.

This hack was tested by our professional kitchen experts, so it’s the real deal—you don’t have the time (or the patience) for anything less. To use this frosting guide, start with a 16-ounce can of Betty Crocker™ Vanilla Rich & Creamy Frosting and a box of Betty Crocker™ Classic Gel Food Coloring. Each shade and color of frosting was created using a half container of frosting and the recommended teaspoon of food coloring.

½ container of vanilla frosting + recommended teaspoon amount of food coloring = a frosting color that turns out just the way you want it to!