Chinese Takeout Staples You Can Make at Home

Created November 1, 2017
It's shocking how quickly a Chinese takeout bill can tally up, but it’s equally as shocking how easy your favorites are to make at home. So it pays to have these real-deal recipes in your pocket—literally. From General Tso’s chicken and steamed dumplings to super easy egg foo yung, we’ve got a full menu of entrees and apps to satisfy all your Chinese food cravings. MORE+ LESS-
While it can be tempting to let someone else do the cooking, trust us when we say you’ll be ordering takeout a lot less after you give any one of these Chinese food recipes a try. Whether it’s staying true to the original with sesame chicken or going full-fledged re-imagination like crab rangoon dip, we’re pretty sure you’ll love each and every one of these amazing recipes as much as we do.