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19 Cheap Chicken Dinners That Taste Like a Million Bucks

Updated November 12, 2019
Hang on to your buck-buck-bucks, because not only are these chicken dinners delicious, they’re also affordable. In fact, they’re packed with so much good flavor, we can hardly believe they don’t cost a wing and a leg to make.

Whether it’s cheesy chicken taquitos, Greek chicken salad sandwiches or chicken pot pie cupcakes, these mouthwatering meals taste like chicken in the best possible way. And even though they’re bursting with flavor, they won’t bust the budget. Don't let their cheap price tag fool you, these 19 chicken dinners taste like a million bucks.

The key to making gourmet meals without breaking the bank is to use budget-friendly ingredients like frozen vegetables, canned soups, leftover rotisserie chicken and refrigerated dough. With smart ingredients like these, you can create any number of easy and satisfying meals. Another useful trick is to make the most of your slow cooker and one-pot recipes. Not only do they help save on time, but they’re great for turning those low-cost ingredients into mouthwatering meals that are perfect for busy weeknight dinners. So proudly pinch those pennies because these chicken dinners are affordable, delicious and absolute winners!