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14 Cocktails for Decompressing After All That Family Time

Updated August 7, 2019
Whether your Thanksgiving was a tolerably pleasant affair, or there was a little clock-watching involved, or it was full-on bad-sitcom material, we’ve got the after-family chaser to fit the bill.
From maple Old Fashioneds to spiced rum punch to pumpkin-flavored martinis, these liquid libations are cheaper than therapy and taste amazing, too. Let the Friendsgiving festivities begin with the best Friendsgiving cocktails of all time.
Holidays are already a stressful affair, but add in family and it can range anywhere from feel-good reunion to who-are-these-crazy-people-and-how-am-I-related-to-them?! Wherever your family falls on the drama scale, the post-holiday Friendsgiving almost always calls for delicious beverages. Add ginger ale to pear juice for a refreshing non-alcoholic punch that even the kiddos can enjoy. Serve spiked hot apple cider or pumpkin-flavored martinis for the grown-ups. And don’t forget about dessert! Adding booze to pudding, milkshakes and after-dinner coffee is the perfect way to finish off a meal. And if all else fails, you can always pull out the moonshine for those times when something a bit stronger is necessary. No matter what your family holiday gatherings are like, with these drink recipes you’ll always be prepared with a festive drink to look forward to at Friendsgiving.