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How to Cut a Watermelon 3 Ways

Created March 8, 2017
Say goodbye to your watermelon woes! If you’ve ever struggled with cutting watermelon, or just don’t really know what the best way to cut it, we’ve got the answers

With this step-by-step help, you’ll be cutting watermelon like a pro into sticks, wedges, and cubes in no time. Talk about the perfect summer snack!


Sick of making a huge mess when you’re cutting watermelon? Along with being pretty impressive, this method helps keep the mess down by cutting the watermelon while it’s still in the rind! It’s magic!

Watermelon 10

Start off with half a watermelon, flat side down on your cutting board (preferably one with a drip groove to catch juice). Make 2-3 cuts into one side of the watermelon (a smaller watermelon may only need 2 cuts).

Watermelon 8

Starting with your first cut, insert your knife into the watermelon rind, carefully cutting straight through until the tip of your knife hits the inner rind on the opposite side (don’t cut through).

From here, move the knife around the inside of the watermelon, cutting along the inner rind. You should be able to feel some resistance when the tip of your knife is all the way in.

To make sure you’re cutting deep enough, just take the knife out and place your fingers at the point where your knife is all the way down to the inner rind. Then you can place the knife back in the cut, and you’ll know how far in it needs to go.

Watermelon 2

Once you have made your three cuts, flip the watermelon over and cut along the outer edge of the watermelon, releasing it from the rind.

Watermelon 1

Once you have cut around the watermelon like this, the rest is easy! Just cut through the watermelon length-wise, making sure not to cut through the rind. Next, make cuts width wise, until you have squares.

Watermelon 6

Then scoop the cubes into a bowl and serve ‘em up!


This method is pretty straightforward, and a super fun way to serve watermelon to a crowd. Start off by cutting all of the rind off.

Watermelon 3

First, carefully remove the rind.

Watermelon 4

Place the watermelon on a plate and slice it across its length and then again across the width.

Watermelon 5

From here, place a bowl over top of the watermelon, and holding the bowl and plate together tightly, flip it so the watermelon transfers into the bowl.

Watermelon 11

Neat trick! Now just remove the plate and serve the watermelon sticks!


We’ll finish with the classic watermelon wedges. Now some people might think there is no need for instruction on this method, but we’ll show you the easy way to get from watermelon to wedges in no time flat!

Watermelon 7

Start by cutting an entire watermelon into slices.

Remove the top and bottom slices, then stack the rest of the slices on your cutting board, in the same order they were cut.

Watermelon 9

From here, all that’s left to do is cut the whole watermelon stack into quarters. Voila! You’ll never cut watermelon wedges any other way.

Now go forth, and cut that watermelon like a pro!

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