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Easy Lunches You Don’t Have to Think About

Created June 21, 2017
Loaded Potato with Bacon
Consider this your work-lunch cheat sheet. Whether you pick two or three, these no-brainer lunch ideas will get you to the other side of hungry in a hurry.

Why is lunch so HARD? (It’s not just us, right?) Meal prep is an awesome way to save time and money later in the week, but it’s a lot of work on the front end. Ducking out to Panera™ and the like is always satisfying, but adds up to a car payment by the end of the month. Clearly, the solution to this problem lies somewhere in the middle.

So we propose a happy medium that’s equal parts delicious, clever and affordable: it’s time to try canned soup again. Hear us out! As long as you pick a high quality product that really pays attention to ingredients (antibiotic-free chicken, fresh veggies), it’s really no different from any other excellent kitchen shortcut (canned beans, refrigerated pie crust, prepared broth, etc.).

You’ll save so much time—not to mention MONEY—over going out every day, you can even add a few more ingredients to really take things up a notch. After all, why go to Panera™ when you can basically provide Panera™ for yourself?

So consider this your no-brainer lunch cheat sheet. Go ahead and “pick two” (see what we did there?) of these soups, sandwiches, salads and more for mix-and-match lunches that never get old.

Now that you know what you’re having for lunch, let’s get dinner sorted out, shall we?