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3-Ingredient Side Dishes That Really Celebrate Fall

Created June 4, 2019
Delicious doesn’t have to mean complicated, especially when you’re preparing fall’s bounty. All it takes is your favorite fall vegetable, a couple ingredients and a bit of heat, and you’ve got yourself a side dish to show off the season.

Are you familiar with the phrase, “Don’t mess with a good thing?” We feel that way about autumn produce. Okay, there’s a little “messing” with—no one is advocating for eating raw sweet potatoes over here. But carrots, apples, green beans and squash all have the ability to shine on their own when they’re treated with care and given the adequate space to show off. Start with a fall vegetable, add a few supporting ingredients (we count water, olive oil, salt and pepper as “freebies” and aren’t counting those) and a bit of heat, and you’ve got a side dish to celebrate the season.

Don’t you dare forget about dessert.