17 Slow-Cooker Recipes Racking Up the Pins on Pinterest

Created February 15, 2017
Pins don't lie; these are the best slow-cooker recipes we’ve got and they are killer. From creamy, chipotle mac and cheese to bourbon-laced bread pudding, these slow-cooker recipes get all the love on Pinterest and we’re not surprised—they’re beyond delicious. MORE+ LESS-
There’s a reason these recipes see so much re-pin action Pinterest; they’re the best slow-cooker recipes we’ve got! But what makes a good slow-cooker recipe? First, it has to be easy. We’re not looking to get fussy and if there are too many steps, we’re already over it. Why else would we be using the slow cooker? Second, the shorter the ingredient list, the better—bonus if we have the ingredients already on hand! We’re not completely against lots of elements if it results in a tasty meal, but if we can cheat with pre-made sauces, frozen veggies, or a can of soup, then we’ll give it a try. And last but not least, it’s got to be delicious—that’s a non-negotiable. Luckily there’s not a single dud amongst these recipes and once you give them a try, we think you’ll agree.