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Tell Us Your Favorite Soup and We’ll Read Your Fortune

Updated April 29, 2019
Tell Us Your Favorite Soup and We’ll Read Your Fortune
Hello! Welcome, and come in. Look deeply into our crystal ball and reveal your favorite lunch-ready soup to receive your fortune! Is true love up ahead? Or are hard times in your future? You might be soup-rised by what you discover!
tomato basil soup

1.  Tomato Basil

Someone soup-er unexpected is going to confess their love or affection for you soon. Will you be ready to reciprocate?

creamy chicken noodle soup

2.  Creamy Chicken Noodle

Your can-do attitude has prepared you for a challenge that is awaiting you in the next week. Keep a positive mindset and you’ll do great.

broccoli cheddar soup

3.  Broccoli Cheese

Whatever you think you’re soup-posed to be doing in your work life, you’re on the right track but you’re still not quite hitting the mark. Take time this week to step back and reevaluate the way you approach things.

minestrone soup

4.  Minestrone

It’s important that you not stew in any jealousy, as someone in your life is going to achieve success or hit a major milestone before you. Take this time to be grateful for your own wins.

clam chowder

5.  New England Clam Chowder

An issue that you thought was in the past will float to the surface in the next month. When the time comes, don’t clam up! Stand your ground and stay true to your convictions.

chicken wild rice soup

6.  Chicken and Wild Rice

Get ready to bowl away the competition this week. You will discover a clever shortcut or reinvent an old method, and that will help you rise above your peers.

butternut squash soup

7.  Butternut Squash

A dark and handsome stranger will come into your life very spoon – err, soon! Listen to what they have to say as it will influence your life in a positive way.

cheesy tortellini soup

8.  Cheese Tortellini

Something soup-prising is going to happen in the next few weeks – be ready for unexpected fun or spur-of-the-moment time off!

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