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10 Good-4-U Ingredient Swaps

Swap this ingredient for that for healthier stuff without missing a taste beat. MORE+ LESS-
By Bev Cooks

Here's a list of my (and my friends') go-to swappies.

To be read to the tune of The Christmas Waltz, even though Christmas is behind us. Ahem.

Iiiiit's thaaaaat time of year, when the world's feeling fat, ev'ry thing you eat seems to say, "Hello, belly. May your rolls and lard run freeeee!" But this list of mine, swapping fat for fine, wishes you a new and slim bodyyyy.

That sort of worked, right?

Okay, so what we have here is a list. A simple list of ingredient swap outs! And there are millions of options out there, but I thought it might be fun to show you some of my (and my friends') go-to swappies.


1. Raisins over chocolate chips!

Just think about it in your baking. Cookies with little tart bites of health supreme? Jeah. (Or, if you're hung up on chocolate, try lower-fat dark chocolate chips!)



2. Sweet potatoes over regular potatoes!

Next time you make fries or baked potatoes, try it with sweet. All kinds of healthy stuff inside, AND the flavor is serious business.



3. This is obvs, but whole grain over white bread!

If you can, try and find 100% whole grain. Not the "made with" kinds. Or else you'll grow two heads. I'm just kidding! Three.



4: Another obvious one, but sometimes we forget - brown rice over white rice!

I LOVE the nuttiness that brown rice offers a meal, plus all that healthy jazz happening inside? Done.



5: I have to wrestle my husband on this one, but field greens over iceberg!

I don't know the exact specifics, but field greens have a ton more nutrient value in them than the iceberg. Next time you make a salad, go for the dark green stuff! The darker the better, baby.



6 to the stage: Nuts and seeds over buttery croutons!

Okay, first of all, can I just say my husband ate ALL MY ALMONDS right before shooting this. There was scolding. And panicking. And then I was fine. But really, next time you make a big salad, top it with almonds, or sunflower seeds, or even a few peanuts! Or cashews. Or pecans. Or how about all of it. But not too much because there are a lot of calories in nuts, but they're still better than the croutons. Fo' sho'.



7: Honey over sugar!

I know it might seem weird, but you should try it. Like, in tea or even coffee! In big pots of chili where you want it sweeter? Go for honey. AND, try and get local. It will help with your allergies. Boom.



8: Citrus over butter!

I know it might be habit to finish off a nice plate of pasta with a good dollop of butter, but next time, wake it up with citrus! Just a big spritz over the whole thing. And soups! You won't miss the butter. The citrus is just so, so…citrusy.



9: Greek Yogurt over sour cream or mayo!

Get this, in salad dressings where you'd normally use mayo, try the yogurt. It offers the same tang, and the same creaminess, without all the bad stuff. And you know how in stroganoff it calls for sour cream? Go yo, yo. Oh I liked that.



And finally, number 10: Spices over salt!

If you're on a low sodium kick, but still want things to taste like angels dumped gold on your food, try some good spices. Smoked paprika, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon! Oh cinnamon adds a lot of depth. Dew it!


I'm only scratching the surface with this stuff. There are soooo many healthy options out there over the not so healthy. What am I forgetting? Like, millions I know. Hit a sister up, homie!

Sorry I called you homie.


For more musings, visit her blog Bev Cooks and her Tablespoon profile.

Com'on ... share your fave ingredient swaps with us below!