10 Pink Treats for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By TBSP Susan
Created March 2, 2017
Few things catch people's attention quite like a brightly colored array of food and drinks, whether in the office, in school or at home. MORE+ LESS-

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so get the word out there in a most delicious way.

Few things catch people's attention quite like a brightly colored array of food and drinks, whether in the office, in school or at home. So for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, why not whip up a selection of pink baked goods, snacks or drinks to get everyone talking about this disease that affects one in eight women?

Here are our top 10 favorite pink recipes. But don't stop here with your efforts. Consider offering educational material and prevention tips along with your treats.

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1. Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie, and this pink version is sure to catch some attention. If you're taking them to school or the office, try placing each cookie in a pink cellophane bag with a piece of paper stating a breast cancer fact.

2. Fluffy Pink Lemonade Dessert with Pretzel Crust

Heading to a potluck dinner or book club gathering? Take this tart, creamy, salty and sweet dessert with you. Having a discussion among your girlfriends about breast cancer may encourage at least one woman to go get a potentially life-saving mammogram.

3. Pink Together Cupcakes

These cupcakes feature the iconic pink ribbon, which make them perfect for kids who will likely ask what the symbol stands for. You can be ready to answer all of their questions and help educate the new generation on this devastating illness.

4. Pink Lemonade Thins

These glazed shortbreads are perfect for those of you who are short on time but big on this cause, because they're super easy to bake but will make a big, lemony impact on those who eat them.

5. Pink Powder Puff Crunch

Your kids may already be huge fans of Muddy Buddys, which, if you didn't know, is a snack made of Chex cereal, chocolate and peanut butter. These are a twist on that recipe, incorporating strawberry gelatin into the mix for a fruity, pink punch of flavor.

6. Old-Fashioned Pink Lemonade

This summertime classic is good even into the cooler months, especially when the purpose is to raise breast cancer awareness. Try to find pink ribbon cups, like these, to serve your sweet drink.

7. Rose Wine Cupcakes

These cupcakes are infused with the sweet flavor of rose wine and tart raspberries for a unique dessert that's the perfect shade of pink.

8. Raspberry Fudge Torte

Bring this rich chocolate and raspberry delicacy to the office and watch it disappear faster than you can say "breast cancer awareness." Send out a mass email with the recipe – which everyone will be begging you for – as well as some facts and tips on breast cancer prevention.

9. Strawberry Lemonade Cake Pops

Cake pops are so hot right now, and these are better than your average chocolate-covered cake balls. But instead of crafting these in the shape of lemon wedges, make spheres and pipe breast cancer ribbons on them.

10. Raspberry Lemonade

This supersized recipe for raspberry lemonade is the perfect thing for serving at an October get-together. Print out the recipe on small cards that also contain information on donating to breast cancer research organizations.