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10 Tax Day Drinks & Jello Shots

Libation suggestions that will help you get through this financially stressful time of year.
By NY Barfly

April 15th again!?! They say that the only things that are inevitable in life are death and taxes.

Um, can we please add cocktails to that list. We’ve come up with suggestions for libations that will help you get through this financially stressful time of year. If you end up owing some money to Uncle Sam, you’ll want to stay home and make your own drinks anyway. Just note: mix these AFTER you prepare your return - “I was tipsy” will not work as an excuse if you get audited.

The Payback

This take on the margarita offers an extra wallop in the form of fresh jalapeño and the spice is balanced out with some kiwi fruit. Downing this unique flavor combination is like getting paid back, with interest.


Income Tax Cocktail

12 Bottle Bar has an adaptation of the classic Bronx cocktail that adds additional bitters, because can any other flavor be more appropriate for tax day? This ditty mixes the bitters with gin, dry and sweet vermouth and orange juice.


The Ultimat Refund

The bloggers over at Lush Worthy posted a vodka-spiked beverage dubbed The Ultimat Refund, which uses the namesake vodka, lemon, raspberry and lemon juice. It’s not quite as exciting as getting a wad of cash in your account, but it’s close.



After you’re done with those papers you’re going to need a real stiff one, so take this classic that’s named after one of the priciest zip codes around. If you owe a lot, we won’t judge if you pour a little extra.


The Modern Old Fashioned

Another cocktail that means business is the Old Fashioned, but with everyone-filing their returns, this year it’s time this classic gets an update. This recipe offers a Modern take on the standard by offering peaches and maple syrup.


Coco-Ginger Lemon Boost

If you want a little pick me up without the booze (say when you’re halfway through those returns) check out this combo shot of coconut, ginger and lemon. It will be just the jolt you need to get you to filing time.


Lucky-tini Jello Shot

If you haven’t yet had your returns prepared and you’re hoping to get lucky, we think a few of these Lucky-tini Jello Shots might be just what you need. They’re mixed with melon, lemon and pear - for a little extra bit of good mojo, say “cha-ching” when you down it.


The Billionaire Cocktail

Famed NYC cocktail bar, Employee’s Only, has a signature drink that will leave you feeling money. The Billionaire, created by bartender Dushan Zaric, combines bourbon with lemon, grenadine and a hit of absinthe.


Gold Medal Jello Shot

And when you’ve mailed your forms in and are able to take a sigh of relief, you deserve a gold medal. Preferably one made as a jello shot. While you can’t cash it in to make up any money you had to shell out for Uncle Sam, this combo of apple and cinnamon will make you feel like a million bucks.


Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail

Or you can toast the end of tax season with a flute of Champagne, with an added bonus. The floral notes of hibiscus and nice pink hue are a great way to say goodbye tax season, hello spring. The next April 15 is 365 days away!


nybarfly knows his drinks and also where to get the best sauce in Manhattan. Check out his blog site, NYBarfly and his Tablespoon profile.