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10 Ways the Apple Changed the World

Apples have played a significant role in history.
By Kimchikari

You know what they say, an apple a day…

But apples aren’t just for eating. They’ve played a pretty significant role throughout history and August is chock full of major apple events. Not only is the second week of August National Apple Week, but the new Steve Jobs biopic, JOBS, is set to drop August 16. So in honor of all the apple-changers, here are a few of the other major players in the apple world.


1. Eve and the forbidden fruit

Let’s get reeeeeally old school with one of the oldest stories around. Writers, poets, and artists have been telling versions of this tale for centuries of when Eve took a bite of that infamous apple. Who knew eating a piece of fruit could be so influential?


2. Apple iPhones

This little device was a major game changer not only in mobile phones but also in technology overall and continues to reinvent itself with every new generation.


3. Apple Pie

Is there anything more classic than apple pie? Try this homemade apple pie recipe for a slice of heartwarming goodness.


4. Isaac Newton

As the story goes, it was an apple falling from a tree that inspired Isaac Newton to formulate his theory of gravity. Thanks to Newton, physics was never the same.


5. Apple Cider

Autumn just wouldn’t be the same without a cup of apple cider. Bonfires, apple picking, getting cozy on the couch with a good book, all go great with a cup of cider. So when the weather gets chilly, learn how to make apple cider.


6. Johnny Appleseed

The legend of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, has been told through both wandering tales and folksy songs about how this famous pioneer spread apple trees to many parts of the country.


7. Apple Records

This iconic record label with its familiar green apple image is most famous because of its founders The Beatles, but it was also the label for artists like Ravi Shankar, Ronnie Spector, and James Taylor.


8. Fiona Apple

Angsty, teenage girls everywhere in the ‘90s felt a kindred spirit the moment they heard the smoky, moody voice of Fiona Apple on her first single, “Shadowboxer.”


 9. William Tell

According to Swiss legend, William Tell successfully shot a single arrow through an apple on top off his son’s head. That is some serious marksmanship.


10. The Big Apple

What list would be complete without a nod to the city that never sleeps? With all that this one city has to offer in food, art, and history, it’s no wonder the world hearts NY!