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11 Easy Things to Bring to a Summer Picnic

11 Easy Things to Bring to a Summer Picnic
You need something delicious yet easy to share, stat! No worries, dear brave soul, we’ve got you covered.
By Burn The Wine

We’re in the midst of summer – and geez, it's a hot one!

It’s really best to just eat outside. That way you can avoid the heat of a sweltering kitchen and still partake in the tastiest of noms.

Maybe one of your cleverest and loveliest friends has just called you – last minute! – and invited you over to a cook-out or picnic. You need something delicious yet easy to share, stat! No worries, dear brave soul, we’ve got you covered. Try one (or as many as you’d like) of these magnificent morsels to share:


1. Ultimate Summer Picnic Punch

Ya don’t gotta have beef to pack a punch. So delicious and fresh, and sure to impress. Never have mini-watermelons been employed so cleverly.


2. Hawaiian Chicken Drummies

Do you like stuff that’s delicious? Then you will be utterly delighted with this recipe for tangy, sweet, bacony drummies.


3. Mixed Fresh Fruit with Lime and Ginger

So simple and delicious – and super calorically responsible! Yes, my friend, you can eat all the fruits.


4. Pineapple Chicken Salad Stuffed Peppers

Light and appealing, these stuffed peppers are full of flavor. Ginger and jalapenos give this dish a little kick and are perfectly balanced by sweet, cooling Yoplait Greek pineapple yogurt.

5. Crunchy Corn with Kale and Chicken Slaw

Look at the beautiful colors! Imagine the fresh, tasty flavors tap-dancing out an ode to summertime on your tongue. You deserve that magical moment, and it can be achieved in mere minutes!


6. Boozy Watermelon Punch

Sweet, fresh watermelon, vodka, lime, mint and sparkling wine – I could just continue to say yummy things at you, but why waste valuable time you could be spending making this fantastically adultified beverage?


7. Layered Mexican Party Salad

Again, I just have to point out the glorious colors in this dish; so fresh, light and easy! The hardest thing about this party salad is making the Suddenly Salad classic pasta salad mix – which is to say zero. It is zero hard.


8. Picnic Lemonade

Zazz up that tired old lemonade with white grape juice! This sweet, citrusy elixir will provide a much-needed reprieve from all that gross heat and humidity.


9. S’mores Brownies

Enjoy all the chocolately, marshmallowy, graham-crackery goodness of s’mores without having to stand by a hot as heckles fire to do so. It’s way too warm for that business anyway, am I right?


10. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Treats

It is a well-known fact that peanut butter cups level up everything they are paired with. I’m pretty sure I read that in a book about SCIENCE. Considering how scrumptious and easy-to-make these are, you really should be making them everyday.


11. Watermelon Daiquiri Freezer Pops

Oh, heck yes! Can you imagine the joy on the faces of all the folks you love when you present these lovely rum-soaked beauties? Super-duper easy and so darn cute! You’ll be the hero of the party.