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12 Drinks and Desserts For Your Cinco de Mayo Party

12 Drinks and Desserts For Your Cinco de Mayo Party
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these 12 Drinks and Desserts! MORE+ LESS-
By TBSP Jake

Mex it up: Cinco de Mayo sips and sweets!

Thinking about a Cinco Party? You’re going to need refreshments. Here are our fiesta faves, from authentic margaritas to awesome piñata cookies.

Somewhere in between Easter Feasts and Memorial Day BBQs, there’s a celebration lull. But don’t forget about Cinco de Mayo!

You can always tip back cervezas over a bowl of chips and guac – but why stop there? Take it up a notch with some decadent desserts and sensational sips. So let’s put tomato juice in our beer and set our ice cream on fire. It’s time to party!

1. Mexican Chocolate Pot de Crème 

This is melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate pudding spiked with cinnamon and ancho chili powder. It’s like, “Hey, taste buds – let’s party.”

2. Cajeta Mexican Caramel Sauce 

Caramel sauce made from goat's milk and vanilla and cinnamon? So decadent, you’ll want to eat it with a spoon (if there are people around, try it drizzled over pound cake or ice cream).

3. Michelada Cocktail 

Get your happy hour started with a Michelada, Mexico’s answer to the Bloody Mary. Dark Mexican beer + Tomato juice + Soy sauce + Worcestershire + lime. You won’t wanna stop at one, so make a pitcher.

4. Mexican Margaritas 

If you’ve had one too many pineapple-strawberry-infused slusharitas, get back to the basics: a good tequila, lime, salt, a little sugar and a few cubes of ice. Salty-rim mustaches optional.

5. Sombrero Piñata Cookies 

Did you think we forgot party favors? These little cookie hats are adorable enough. But then you break ‘em open like a piñata to reveal hidden rainbow treats. Olé!

6. Caramel Flan 

No, this isn’t a 5-minutes-and-you’re-done dessert. This legendary confection takes some patience and focused attention. So make it before you do tequila shots.

7. Mexican Coffee Popsicles 

Popsicles made with strong coffee, cinnamon and almond flavoring. It’s a straight-up shot of icy, bitter and sweet—the perfect caffeinated party pick-me-up.

8. No-Fry Fried Ice Cream 

Afraid of frying? You can still savor this Mexican classic. Our version is ice cream balls rolled in crunchy cereal with a drizzle of caramel syrup and whipped cream. All mmmmm, no mess.

9. Fro Yo Margaritas 

What’s that? You hadn’t heard about Yoplait Margarita-flavored Yogurt? Now you know what was wrong with every other frozen margarita you ever had. You’re welcome.

10. Churro Cheesecake Bites 

Churros are just fried dough and sugar, right? Why is there no cheesecake in there? WAIT, LOOK AGAIN. That’s better. Now try to stop at just 1 or 2.

11. Tres Leches Cake 

Imagine three kinds of leche (milk) poured over a moist and amazing cake. Made with boxed cake mix and ready-to-spread frosting, so you’re ready to indulge in no time.

12. Pina Colada Mango Smoothie 

Don’t call it a night quite yet. Here’s one more round on us: Easy-breezy piña colada-inspired smoothies that don’t even have to be boozy. Serve it as-is or spike with a touch of rum.