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12 Ways to Serve Hot Dogs Without a Bun

Hot Dogs Hero
Think outside the bun and eat your hot dogs in these creatively delicious dishes.
By Pie Squared

Let us pause a moment to dwell on that singular and sometimes overlooked sausage: the hot dog. Good old-fashioned wieners are affordable, usually on hand, and have that comforting loved-it-since-I-was-a-kid flavor. Plus, July 23 is National Hot Dog Day; so celebrating our friend the frankfurter is even more appropriate. Let’s do this: it’s time to teach the good old dog some new kitchen tricks.


1. Cheesy Hot Dog Chowder

It’s a simple, quick new favorite. All the elements of delicious chowder are here, with the corn and the potatoes and the cheesy/creamy what-have-you, and then just a little zest from hot dogs. Hot dog!


2. Hot Dog and Potato Dinner

A one-pan casserole that’s a throw-together feast. Au gratin potatoes deliver the creamy sauce that brings together peas and hot dogs in holy mmmmm-trimony.


3. Hot Dog Casserole

Layered so that the creamy mashed base of the casserole stays rich and luscious, and so that the hot dog slices on top get that crispy/savory edge. Yeah, pretty much the best two tastes on earth in each bite.


4. Impossibly Easy Hot Dog and Cheese Pie

Kind of an upside-down quiche, kind of the Best Pie Ever. Hot dog chunks are mixed with onions for a savory base, with flaky Bisquick™ crust and cheese ending it on a melty-flaky high note.


5. Grilled Hot Dog Pizza

Got a picky eater? Or anyone with an appetite for NEED FOOD NOW? This super-fast homemade pizza combines two favorite foods—dogs and pizza—in one brilliant, grilled, fun-and-done-in-minutes meal.


6. Chicago Style Stand 'N Stuff™ Hot Dog Tacos

What we love about Chicago-style hot dogs: all the fixin’s (for true authenticity, hold the ketchup.) What we don’t love about Chicago-style hot dogs: keeping it all together while we eat ’em. Presto: Stand ’n Stuff™ taco shells to the rescue!


7. Chili Dog Tacos

This is seriously the best meal mash-up we’ve seen in a month of Taco Tuesdays: hot dogs con chili carne. That's one caliente idea!


8. Corn Dog Casserole

We love layered one-pan casserole bakes because they’re easy—and are probably the best leftovers on earth. Sad news: there’s won't be much left of this delicious corn-dog recipe, but there’s always the option of making a second batch just for tomorrow.


9. Mini Corn Dog Muffins with Sriracha Sauce

Perfect for a lunchbox, a party, or just any time you need to spice up any given day. It starts with green chiles and a hot dog hidden inside corn muffins; sriracha sauce amps up the heat as much as you like.


10. Noodle Weenies

It’s always a showstopper! Poke uncooked spaghetti noodles through raw hot dogs, then boil them together to create these “How did you do it?” wonders. 100% guaranteed to get you huge props from the littlest ones at the table or just the kids at heart.


11. Chili Cheese Dog Bubble-Up Bake

Chili. Cheese. Dog. If these are three of your favorite words in the English language, you need to get on this pronto: a one-pan, luscious bake that puts it all together for you.


12. Frank and Bean Biscuit Casserole

No shortage of tender goodness here: classic hot dog-and-beans mixed together into luscious heavenly bliss, with a miraculous mix of corn chips and cheese (did someone say “Nachos”?) sprinkled on top. Open wide!