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13 Crispy Party Appetizers

13 Crispy Party Appetizers
Crispy deep fried appetizers to serve at holiday parties.
By Burn The Wine

Crunchy, crispy, perfectly fried appetizers for any gathering!

‘Tis the season to get your snack on. Winter holidays are all about the Epic F Trio: Friends, Family and Food. But you’re a maverick, a daredevil! You want – nay, need to level up your super-snacking style.

Know what else starts with F (thereby keeping with the F theme) and is super-awesome? Yes, you are correct – FRIED! Here are 13 of the best, most tastiest fried appetizers for any gathering or food time event. No worries, you can totally resolve to give up tasty fried things next year.


1. Deep Fried Burger Bites by The Food in My Beard

Caramelized onions really bring out the burger flavor in these cute little round bites!


2. Pumpkin Pie Wontons by Girl Versus Dough

An accompaniment of creamy maple dip makes these powered sugar and pumpkin pie spiced wontons pleasing to the palate.


3. Sassy Sugar Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Coconut Maple Dipping Sauce by Cheeky Kitchen

This recipe combines cinnamon with the subtly sweet taste of the heroic sweet potato. A coconut maple dipping sauce is added for extra deliciousness!


4. Fried Mozzarella Cheese Balls by Girl Versus Dough

Yum yum yum! This is the best use of breadcrumbs and Italian spices ever.


5. Spicy Fried Cauliflower with White Cheddar Ranch Dip by Cheeky Kitchen

These crispy treats are easy to make and are perfectly complimented by a cheesy ranch dipping sauce.


6. Creamed Corn Fritters by Macheesmo

If you make these, people from all over the land will come to your house and pledge their everlasting love and fealty to you from now until the end of days. I’m serious.  


7. Pad Thai Eggrolls by Macheesmo

Get your rice noodle on! Pick a protein that pleases you best, and the Fry is the Limit.


8. Avocado Fries with Cilantro-Lime Ranch Dipping Sauce by Cheeky Kitchen

The pairing of creamy avocado with a crispy, crunchy fried batter is baseline amazing. And the flavors are all kinds of amped up with a cilantro-lime dipping sauce.


9. Pretzel Crusted Fried Cheese with Sweet & Spicy Mustard Sauce by Girl Versus Dough

Gooey, delicious and ready to go in your mouth. Pretzel-based batter makes these cheese balls extra-crunchtacular.


10. Fried Tamale on a Stick by The Food in My Beard

Like little fried popsicles with a savory meat center!


11. Salmon Cakes by Macheesmo

These spicy fish cakes go great with a cool yogurt sauce.


12. Loaded Potato Rings by The Food in My Beard

These are literally the cutest little rings of yum that you will encounter in the course of this list. The addition of crispy, salty bacon increases the yum factor by one millionty.


13. Deep Fried Mac n' Cheese by Girl Versus Dough

Reminiscent of a State Fair from any state, this easy treat is sure to please.