15 Awesome Labor Day Recipes

By Burn The Wine
Created February 24, 2017
Labor Day Hero
Make sure your Labor Day is as awesome as possible with these easily packable and easily grillable snacks. MORE+ LESS-

Admit it, you’re so stoked for a day off you have no idea what to do. Part of you wants to just roll around and not wear pants all day. That is a legitimate feeling and I completely support you spending a portion of the day doing just that. But at some point you are totally going to get hungry, not just for food but for company as well. You could totally go camping, host a bbq, or kick it at one of your friends or family’s outdoorsy eating scenarios. All you need are some delicious food items that will taste great and celebrate the theme of the day.


1. Campfire Cakes

All you need is an open flame, Betty Crocker™ Supreme turtle brownie mix and hollowed out oranges. If you want to get real crazy you can add caramel sauce and Frosted Toast Crunch™ cereal.


2. Spicy Grilled Edamame Snack

Sultry little soybeans are extra-enticing when covered with nanami togarashi. “What is that?” you cry, raising clenched fists towards the heavens! Bro, it’s a blend of red peppers, sansho pepper, roasted orange peel, black and white sesame seeds, seaweed and ginger. Shhhhh! Say nothing more – just let that sink in.


3. Blue and Black Infused Vodka Cocktail

Feeling a little adventurous? Got a ton of berries and no notion of what to do with them? Why not use them to transform your ho-hum vodka into oh-yum vodka. It’s not even that hard—just follow this easy recipe!


4. Quick Grilled Pizza Quesadilla

Need something simple, delicious and straight off the grill? Look no further friend –this saucy snackable aims to please!


5. Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

Okay, so this is a little bit more involved; it’s true. But the bacon-wrapped pay-off is totally worth it! Spicy, cheesy melted goodness wrapped in a warm bacon hug? Yes please!


6. Boozy Sweet Tea Peach Punch

I feel like this is a dangerous game. Such delicious peaches might lure you into beautiful, golden mason jar after mason jar of boozy bliss!


7. Grilled Blueberry Granola Crumble Foil Pack

I am so excited about using tin foil to cook stuff! It’s so convenient, cleanup equals exactly zero. Plus this recipe for delicious warm, blueberry crumble can be topped off with ice cream! That’s double-plus good!


8. Grilled Foil Pack Cheesy Fries

Do you crave salty yummy French fries topped with creamy melted cheese and savory chunks of bacon? Assemble these foil packs and get ready to reap the rewards of your grilling endeavor!


9. Grilled Chocolate Banana Melt

What I would like to present for you viewing (and later eating) pleasure is grilled s’mores that have been leveled up by adding banana to the mix. You can even get real fancy and top this sweet treat off with crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal.


10. Golden Grahams™ S’mores

Need a touch of honey? These Golden Grahams™ s’mores are just the tasty squares you’ve been looking for. Super easy to make and even easier to enjoy!


11. Raspberry Beer Hard Lemonade

These summer days have been brutal with the heat and humidity; everyone’s all droopy and sticky. Refresh and invigorate your loved ones with this bright and tasty raspberry beer lemonade!


12. French Toast Crunch Cereal Snack Mix

Oh man, talk about loving handfuls – of delicious snack mix that is! This easy and tasty snack mix will satisfy your craving for sweet with brown sugar, cinnamon and maple syrup! 


13. Oats and Dark Chocolate Granola Trail Mix

This is a combination of Nature Valley™ crunchy granola, choice nuts and dried berries and a little sprinkle-sprankle of white vanilla baking chips or dark chocolate chips. Or heck, you can even add both type of chocolate! Dare to dream!


14. Goat Cheese-Stuffed Sweet Pepper Poppers

People love poppers; it’s a fact. But instead of the usual jalapeño variety, we’re advocating you switch it up over the long weekend with a colorful bag of sweet peppers, goat cheese and a hit of red pepper flakes (to keep things interesting). We’re positive you—or your guests—won’t regret it!


15. Gluten Free No Bake Lemon Coconut Balls

I love small round things passionately. I love not-baking even more. These little lemon coconut balls fit to criteria for yum on all counts!