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The 15 Best Chex Mix Recipes of All Time

Every game-day party needs a big bowl of Chex mix. Here's our Top 15, so take your pick!

Recipes for everyone’s favorite snack first started appearing on Chex™ cereal boxes in 1952, and it’s been a party staple ever since. It all started with the original recipe, and today there’s a flavor for everyone. (And they’re all seriously easy to make; for most you only need a microwave.) So don’t think twice—make the Chex™ mix.

1. Buffalo Wing Chex™ Mix
This spicy, Buffalo-flavored Chex mix—with ranch baked right in—was basically invented for watching football games.


2. Rainbow Party Chex™ Mix
All you is need a microwave and about 15 minutes to make this sweet snack mix that’s got ALL the colors of the rainbow.


3. Better Than Sex Chex™ Mix 
Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. We don’t want to assume anything. But either way, this decadent snack mix is pretty darn incredible.


4. Churro Chex™ Mix 
This sweet and sparkling no-bake take on churros is sweet cinnamon-sugar perfection.


5. Fourth of July Chex™ Mix
Goodness knows we love committing to a theme, and this patriotic party mix is no exception. No oven needed!


6. Thin Mint Flavored Chex™ Mix
Peppermint and chocolate were made for each other. The proof is in this microwave Chex™ mix any scout would approve of.


7. Bacon Chex™ Mix
With bacon, peanut and pretzels, this savory mix is nailing the whole crunchy-salty thing.


8. Chex™ Muddy Buddies™ 
Another genius microwave trick. Chex™ cereal is covered with milk chocolate and peanut butter, then tossed with powdered sugar for a sweet finish.


9. Sweet and Salty Chex™ Mix
If you like Snickers™ candy bars (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to love this chocolaty, peanutty, caramelly version of Chex™ mix.


10. Birthday Chex™ Mix
With sweet vanilla cake frosting and three—count ‘em—kinds of sprinkles, this is a snack mix any birthday boy or girl will appreciate.


11. Sriracha Chex™ Mix
An addictively savory and spicy Asian-inspired mix packed with wasabi peas, chow mein noodles and the Internet’s favorite hot sauce; what’s not to love?


12. Christmas Chex™ Mix
Told you we love a good themed snack. The fruit and nuts make the subtlest of nods to fruitcake, while the white chocolate drizzle and M&Ms™ keep everything looking festive.


13. Samoa Chex™ Mix
Plenty of chocolate, coconut and caramel mean this snack mix lives up to its classic cookie namesake.


14. Rainbow Chex™ Mix 
We never could resist a rainbow-inspired recipe. Yes, the chocolate, peanut butter and pretzels taste great together, but we’re really here for the seven colors of chocolate drizzle and trio of rainbow sprinkles.


15. Summer Herb Chex™ Mix
With eight herbs and seasonings for flavor, this buttery, savory, sophisticated Chex™ mix is like no snack you’ve ever had.

Good news: we have so many easy snack recipes.