15 Pizzas We Can't Live Without

By Pie Squared
Created March 2, 2017
All hail the mighty pizza—it’s National Pizza Month! MORE+ LESS-

In our mind, there should be a flag, anthem and moments of (full-mouthed) silence to signal National Pizza Month. What other food on this planet brings people together, feeds a crowd, and fuels a love that transcends age, race, gender and gray duck/goose preference like the almighty PIZZA?

That's right, not one. So in honor of October's signification as the 31 days of saluting slices, we offer our very favorite recipes. Save a piece for us, wouldja?


1. Loaded Tater Tot Pizza

Can’t decide between baked potatoes, tater tots, or pizza for dinner? Silly rabbit. Pile up the fantastic flavor of all three and let the good times roll.


2. Pizza Cake

It’s socialized pizza making, at its most social. Make this show-stopping stack of pizzas, layered with extra ingredients in between, and nobody goes without their favorite flavor.


3. Deep Dish Pizza Casserole

For folks whose love of pizza runs deep and wide, this casserole is an ultra-thick, super-chewy, so-gooey mix of classic flavors and spicy sausage.


4. Pizza Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls

A soupy take on stuffed pizzas, mixing up Italian spices with good old American ingenuity. Easy-bake bowls are perfectly soft and crusty; a final hit of broiler love creates the perfect crispy/gooey cheese touch.


5. Pizza Roll Stuffed-Crust Pizza

Note the fine distinction: not a "rolled crust," but a true "Roll crust," as in, those addictive pizza rolls put to soon-to-be-famous use as the crust on this homemade pizza. Need a moment to lie down and process the implications? We understand.


6. Pizza Meat Loaf

Instead of a pizza pan, use a cake pan. Instead of a pizza cutter, grab a knife. And instead of a “kinda-sorta-hungry" appetite, bring your beast because you’re about to dig into a meat loaf buried under all your favorite toppings.


7. Slow-Cooker Deep-Dish Pizza

Say buon giorno to a no-fuss, no-effort way to get deep-dish perfection. Assemble the ingredients in your programmable slow cooker and come home to a perfect pizza, no delivery needed (except the excruciating wait from plate to mouth).


8. Cheesy Pizza Party Ring

Finger food that everyone will applaud, because there’s no greasy pizza box in sight—just a crusty, mouthwatering roll of pizza awesomeness.


9. Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza

A completely novel recipe, made in the classic can’t-miss skillet. The magic that is Brussels sprouts and bacon gives a rich crunch on top; thick cast iron distributes heat perfectly for a crispy-finish crust.


10. Pepperoni Pizza Braid

Depending on how you slice it, this stuffed pizza is a feast for a couple of folks, or a game-day-changer for your best buddies. Use prepped ingredients, braid it up, and bake. Easy, right?


11. Football Pizza Cake

Pizza and football: they go together like bop-doo-wap-a-doobie-doo. And if you want to score big before the game’s even started, put this in the middle of the buffet: a multilayered cake that lets everyone dig in.


12. Buffalo Chicken Pizzadillas

We ignored spellcheck for this one, and we’d do it again. Quesadilla-style doubled-up tortillas reinvent the pizza crust, with savory Buffalo chicken on the inside and classic pizza fillings topping off the fabulousness.


13. Pizza Waffles

Pretty fast. Pretty awesome. Two biscuits seal to make one, with fillings inside. Pop it in and out of the wafflemaker and get started on the next one. You’ll need it in a minute.


14. Grilled Honey Sriracha Chicken Pizza

Get your grill good and preheated, and you’ve got your very own pizza oven, with the added benefit of not overheating your kitchen. A taste bud treat, with an unexpected mix of ingredients creating a citrusy-sweet, spicy-savory meal. And bacon, of course.


15. Crazy Cheesy Copy Cat Pizza

You’ve seen this before—but you’ve never realized how easy it is to pull it off. All you need is a spare pizza crust and cookie cutters, and the cutest, funnest pizza you’ve ever made is just a preheated oven away.