15 Recipes to Celebrate Pride

By Burn The Wine
Created March 2, 2017
15 Recipes to Celebrate Pride
Celebrate Pride month with a colorful rainbow feast! MORE+ LESS-

In order to get ready for all the awesome Pride parades and parties, you’ll need nutrients and libations aplenty to keep yourself and other revelers going strong.

Lucky for you, I have a list of magical and thematically appropriate sweet treats, savory snacks, and potent potables that are guaranteed to help you celebrate Pride in style. Just take a look!


1. Rainbow Fruit Wraps

Start the morning of Pride off right with this light, fruit-filled breakfast burrito. Easy to make and even easier to enjoy!


2. Rainbow Crepe Cake

Is it a breakfast item or is it a cake? The answer is yes! And please do make it to enjoy right away.


3. Rainbow Waffles

Bisquick™ Original baking mix takes a turn for the colorful and charming. (Use gel food coloring to achieve this eye-popping color.)


4. Chorizo Egg Rainbow Tacos

Chorizo, eggs, red bell pepper and chopped red onion make for a hearty, hand-held rainbow that will satisfy all the cravings,


5. Rainbow Pasta

I cannot get over the bright, vibrant colors in these, the noodliest of noodles. You too can enjoy a bowl full of rainbow—just follow the easy recipe.


6. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Fuel up for pride with a most colorful and delicious grilled cheese sandwich.


7. Rainbow Sushi Rolls

Just look at these lovely little rolled-up darlings. Be daring and make your sushi sensational!


8. Rainbow Slaw Salad

Only the best and brightest veggies, along with spices and a touch of sweet honey, make for a slaw salad that’s utterly divine.


9. Rainbow Marshmallow Stuffed Donut Holes

You take a marshmallow and surround it with Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dough. Bake that business up for some ooey-gooey goodness guaranteed to make your outlook on life oh-so-bright.


10. Rainbow Semifreddo

No, this rainbow cake isn’t on a mission to take The One Ring to Mount Doom—but it totally is the one treat to rule your hunger. Satisfy your sweet tooth with all the rainbow sprinkles.


11. Rainbow Party Chex™ Mix

Beautiful and dangerous—that’s what this brightly colored Chex™ mix is! It lures you in with its beautiful colors, only to get you addicted to its delicious taste. Before you know it—the whole bowl is gone! A harrowing tale, I know. Better make a double batch!


12. Rainbow Zoku Freezer Pops

Now this recipe calls for some specialized gear, specifically: a Zoku Quick Pop Maker. But once you acquire this handy-dandy item no one can stop you—you are ruler of your own Popsicle kingdom!


13. Rainbow Berry Vodka Flight

Okay so this is kinda tricky but I can tell you’re one for whimsy. All you need is rainbow-colored test tube shot glasses and a bevy of berry-flavored vodka to make this fantastic flight.


14. Rainbow Petit Fours

Oh-la-la! These cute, tiny rainbow cakes will have everyone saying “oui oui oui!”


15. Rainbow Petal Cake

Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ strawberry cake mix never looked so pretty! All of the perfect petals are actually super-easy to place into position.