17 Shopping Survival Snacks

By Pie Squared
Created March 2, 2017
shopping snacks
‘Tis the season to shop—these super snacks will keep you going strong. MORE+ LESS-

There it is again. That tickle at the back of your brain that says, ”With enough stamina, focus and fast action, you can be the first one to that killer deal on the amazing present.”

Generosity and goodwill and all that—yeah, yeah, yeah, the real charge comes from that all-nighter (or all-weekender) spent busting doors and scoring deals.

Power up, shoppers—it’s go time.


1. Pistachio, Cranberry and Ginger Cookie Bars

A little sugar goes a long way to keeping you moving, but so do some good-for-you ingredients. These super simple bars build on a premade base. So you can hit the stores running in no time.


2. Cheerios™ Maple Syrup Balls

It’s shop-o-clock, what’s going to get you through? Here’s our reco: these healthy, hearty balls that won’t spill all over as you zoom from store to store.


3. Baked Apple Chips

A natural favorite. Dry out sweet slices of apples so they’re crispy and satisfying. A light dusting of cinnamon-sugar keeps them solidly in “good for you” territory.


4. Spicy Cheerios™ Nut Bars

A little spicy, a lotta nuts, these bars pack in the protein in a totally flavorful way. Think sunflower seeds, almonds, pepitas and more.


5. Zucchini-Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

A bit of zucchini, sweetness from chocolate, and mini so you can eat ’em on the run. Reward yourself with one for each gift crossed off the list!


6. Dill Pickle Ranch Chex™ Mix

Here’s a wild idea that worked out wildly delicious: Chex™ mix with a flavor-max addition thanks to garlic bagel chips, dill weed and a sprinkling of dill pickle juice.


7. Marbled Energy Bars with Cheerios™

Here’s trail mix fuel in fun (and let’s face it, slightly decadent) form. The luscious comes from condensed milk and chocolate; secret ingredients that keep you moving include chia seeds, nuts and apricots.


8. Thai Pumpkin Chex™ Mix

Curry and pumpkin? It’s a mix that’s just crazy enough to work. And from the first taste, you’ll be as totally crazy for it as we are.


9. Gluten Free Herbed Roasted Chick Peas

So very tasty. So very wholesome. And with a mix of rosemary, thyme and oregano spicing it up, these little beans will be your absolute favorite shopping companions.


10. Asian Kale Chips

Imagine a delicate, crispy blast of kale goodness, with a luscious hit of sesame and ginger. Pack a bag for yourself, and feel no guilt for any snack breaks.


11. Mini Pumpkin Pie Pancake Muffins

Trust us: When you’re waiting in line to be the first one in the door, nothing builds goodwill like a delicious snack to share (a beneficial relationship with a midnight madness employee is never a bad thing, either).


12. Tasty Trail Mix Treats

Another one from our sneaking-in-the-good-stuff files: awesome oatmeal-chocolate-cranberry cookies, beefed up with flax seed and wheat germ. When everyone else fades and you’re still going strong, you’ll know why.


13. Lucky Charms™ Rainbow Popcorn Balls

In a perfect world, you’d be doing your Black Friday shopping astride a unicorn with a bevy of flying fairies sprinkling sparkly sugar dust for you to walk upon. In the real world, this is the next best thing: sweetened-up popcorn balls with marshmallow Lucky Charms™ mixed in.


14. Pancake Breakfast Bars

Gonna shop All Night Long? You’ll need some breakfast. Pack up these pan-made pancake bars and you can declare a sunrise snack any old time you like.


15. Gluten Free Banana, Coconut and Dried Cherry Breakfast Cookies

How can so much goodness be packed into a cookie? One bite, and you’ll have a pretty good idea—just chew and swallow before expressing that enthusiastic review, if you please.


16. Skinny No-Bake Dark Chocolate Snaps

We believe that chocolate is a superfood; just one bit can transform your mood into something super indeed. In these treats, there are also some actual nutritional superfoods as well, making this the super-SUPER way to snack.


17. Crisp Peanut Butter Chews

No bake. No kidding. The secret to this one-hour wonder: peanut butter cookie mix to help meld peanut butter and rice cereal into one pep-packed bag-o-treats. Shop on, friends. Shop on.