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20 Bachelorette Party Food Ideas

20 Bachelorette Party Food Ideas
Whether you’re a Woo Girl or a shy lady looking to respectfully cut loose for the night, these recipes are a good way to make any bachelorette party ‘zilla free.
By Accidentally Sexy

Hey laaaaaaaaaaaadies! 

I’m sorry. I just felt like it needed to start that way. Channel my inner Cabo resort bachelorette party host, ya know?

The rules of the bachelorette party are simple. You want to make sure that the bachelorette is having a fun, stress-free time, while also setting up the bride’s friends for a night of party success. The last thing you want is a crying bride or bored guests. Yes, it’s the bride’s night, but your guests are spending lots of money over the next few months… they should at least get a couple of pretty jelly shots.

Whether you’re a Woo Girl or a shy lady looking to respectfully cut loose for the night, these recipes are a good mix of naughty and nice, cute and glam, to make any bachelorette party ‘zilla free.


1. Edible Stilettos

You better walk that walk, girl. These cookies will Carrie you right through the night.


2. Stiletto Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so on point. Just like your heels.


3. Miniature Wedding Cakes

Prepare for the big day with mini tiered cakes. Maybe even turn it into a game and have each guest decorate her own cake to be judged by he bride-to-be.


4. Wedding Cake Pops

He popped the question, now you get the pop the cake!


5. Mini Princess Bride Cakes

It’s her special day. I’m sure you’ve probably heard that a million times by now. But, we all get one and this is hers. So, blow her freaking mind with cakes that mimic the train of her dress and toppers with her face on them.


6. White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

First, yum. Second, we recommend writing the future wife’s new initials on the top of the cupcakes for a cute surprise.


7. Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes

These cupcakes both look and taste like a party. I mean, can you really resist?


8. Cosmopolitan Jelly Shots

Add a little Cosmo cranberry to your life. You won’t regret it.


9. Party Rock Jelly Shots

These jelly shots are sure to get the party started. They’re a little wild and boozy, just like the best kind of bachelorettes.


10. Sparkle Magic Jelly Shots

Get ready to get the Best Friend Of The Bride Award, because this is your entry into that competition. And you’re going to win.


11. Champagne Soaked, Frosting Covered Strawberries

What is more seductive than champagne and strawberries? Get your bachelorette in the romantic frame of mind before sending her off with sweet dreams of her groom-to-be.


12. Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly Shots

These cute jelly shots come with the added bonus of being inside of a strawberry. It’s practically like you’re eating a fruit salad, right? Bridesmaid bootcamp would surely approve, right?!


13. Pink Champagne Buttercream Cookie Cups

These treats are a mix of delicate and sweet, just like the ladies in your clique. It’s a great way to feel indulgent and gorgeous at the same time.


14. Mini French Silk Cookie Pies

Oo la la! With a cookie crust and silky chocolate filling, these pies are definitely decadent. But, they’re mini! So, you’ll still be able to slip on that dress without a problem.


15. Cosmopolitan Cupcakes

These are an excellent choice for members of your party that aren’t really into the boozy side of bachelorette, but still want to be included on the fun. Plus, they’re so pretty!


16. Better Than Sex Mini Chimis

If you’re dealing with a mini chimi, maybe this recipe will do just as it says.


17. Better Than Sex Chex Mix

Is it? Let the bachelorette decide.


18. Katy Cherry Cocktails

Whip out the lip gloss and sweeten your pipes with this cherry-flavored cocktail before belting out some girl power karaoke songs! At least that’s what I’d do.


19. Flirtini Cocktail

This is for the shy partygoer in need of a little flirting courage or the outgoing partygoer who just really likes drinks that taste good!


20. Marshmallow Cake-tini Cocktail

I just can’t get over how pretty these are. Plus, this cocktail is soooooo simple. The marshmallow flavoring in the vodka does all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is add a little mixer and focus on the presentation, which, if I’m being honest, is my favorite part.