20 Easy Fruity Party Snacks

By Burn The Wine
Created February 23, 2017
20 Easy Fruity Party Snacks
Fresh summer fruits are ripe for the pickin’ to make refreshingly sweet party snacks. MORE+ LESS-

Sunny-weather parties are the BEST: They’re a chance to bask in the great weather with friends, try out a new recipe or two, and get a little fresh—if you know what I mean.

And since it’s the time of year when fruits and berries are in season and super affordable, you can totally rock a spread that’s filled with healthy, just-picked, easy-peasy fruit treats. The time is ripe for a fresh fiesta!


1. Sugar Cookie Berry Cups

It’s like a tiny little fruit tart, only with a crunchy and sweet crust. If you’re a cookie fan, this one’s a total double-batcher.


2. Fruity Frozen Yogurt Snacks

They’re super-decadent and crazy-refreshing. We love these popsicles-for-grownups, and they’re so simple to make with just two ingredients!


3. Fresh Strawberry Tarts

There’s no fresh-weather flavor like ripe strawberries, and these tarts make the most of them, plus there’s a blissful surprise inside: a layer of fudgy chocolate.


4. Mini Rainbow Fruit Pizzas

They’re a mashup of all your favorite fruits (add or subtract to the mix at your whim), plus these tarts get a luscious layer of creamy yogurt sauce. Fruit/dip/cookie in one. Did we just die thrice?


5. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

Get on the stick! No party is complete without finger food, so stack up layers of teeny shortcake, whipped cream and strawberries. Sticking out your pinkie while you eat: optional.


6. Champagne-Soaked Frosting-Covered Strawberries

Be ready for a stampede to these booze-soaked berries, plussed up with frosting and sprinkles. The magic is in how the strawberries bring out the natural sweetness in the bubbly (use that bit of trivia to impress your guests).


7. Meringue Fruit Cups

If you’ve never made meringues from scratch, you’re in for a treat: they’re super easy and have tons of wow factor, especially when you craft them into tiny cups to hold fruitylicious fillin’s.


8. Easy Fruit Pizza

A little slice of heaven that’s deviliciously yummy. Cookie dough makes the crust a crumbly treat, while vanilla-flavored cream cheese brings it all together.


9. Mixed Fresh Fruit with Lime and Ginger

Open wide and say “Heck yeah” to these simple-but-zesty treat cups. A touch of crystallized ginger plus the zing of lime zest makes it one of our favorite fresh-fruit picks (see what we did there?).


10. Rainbow Fruit Wraps

It’s a swurrito! Combine sweet fruit and a burrito-style wrap, and you’ve invented a deliciously fresca fave.


11. Individual Fruit Pies

Itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie graham cracker-crust delights. If you’re a fan of light cream cheese fillings, you’ll be digging (into) these.


12. Fruity Cookie Cups

All about almonds? The marzipan-like flavor of these cookie cups comes from ground-up nuts that you add to cookie mix, plus the perfect pairing of mango and kiwi. Bravo, chef. Bravo.


13. Springtime Strawberry Pound Cake

Pound for pound, you can’t beat the simple pleasure of this dessert. Fluffy little pound cake blossoms. Tart/sweet slices of strawberry. A spritz of airy whipped cream on top. Bite. Smile. Live a better life.


14. Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

Everyone deserves their own cheesecake now and then. But at a party where you want a variety of delectables, these mini-cups serve up big cheesecake flavor without filling up the dessert compartment of your tummy.


15. Rustic Tartlets Filled with Dulce de Leche, Strawberries and Mango

Getting a surprise bite of dulce de leche is one of life’s little pleasures, up there with finding a $20 in last year’s coat pocket, or having TWO bags of chips drop in a vending machine. Whip up a couple dozen of these beauts, and it’s big happy for everyone.


16. Strawberry Bruschetta

Filling a more savory spot on the fruit spectrum, this bruschetta recipe makes full use of the luscious partnership that is strawberries and cream. Basil and ricotta cheese fill out the flavor profile, making a unique and unforgettable add for your party buffet.


17. Fresh Berry Dessert Bites

Everyone loves bars—they’re a way to enjoy a flaky, cake-y crust with any one of countless toppings finishing off the flavor. This recipe piles on the fresh, with whipped yogurt/cream cheese adding a luscious layer. Hungry now? Yeah, we thought that might happen.


18. Fruit Salsa

Chopped fine so it’s dippable and delectable, this salsa is a mix of ultrafresh flavors: raspberries, strawberries, apple and kiwis. Just try to resist the urge to disappear into a corner with the whole bowl to finish it off yourself.


19. Mojito Melon Kabobs

Giving melons a nice long marinade session in rum gives this snack a sure-fire advantage; adding chopped mint and piling up the chunks onto a skewer means you’re serious about making fresh into something fabulous. And for that, we salute you.


20. Frozen Fruit Skewers with Chocolate Drizzle

Most fresh fruit treats don’t keep for long, or lose their appetite appeal if you make them too far in advance. These skewers are all about the long view: Line up fresh (and freezable) favorites on skewers, then stick ’em in the deep freeze until the first guest shows up. So you can totally chill.