20 Snacks to Beat the Winter Mopes

By Pie Squared
Created February 24, 2017
20 Snacks to Beat the Winter Mopes
Need a few tips to muscle through the remainder of the cold and dreary days? Start with these health-boosting and misery-banishing snacks. MORE+ LESS-

Is the snow piling up getting you down?


A few tips to muscling through the remainder of the cold and dreary days: 1) Wear flip-flops around the house. To bed, if you have to. 2) Extend your allotted hot shower time by 5 minutes. Or 5 hours. 3) Invite a ton of friends over and feed everyone a combination of health-boosting and misery-banishing snacks. It’s all about balance, people, and together, we will make it through.


1. Mint Fudge Brownie

Mint + 20% of your daily fiber means you can love your treat and not feel any guilt at all. If there’s even a twinge, a few pushups will take care of it.


2. Protein Cookies & Creme

Listen, my sunshine, you can’t put out positive energy if you’re running on empty. Committing to the protein intake you need is a cinch with these delicious cookies-and-crème bars.


3. Spring Rainbow Yogurt Tartlets

Three-ingredient easy. Fresh-fruit healthy. These little tarts come off as a decadent dessert, but since they’re made with yogurt and berries, you’ll pull a fast one on your sugar cravings.


4. Layered California BLT Dip

Wish you could be on a California beach right now? Yeah, me too. Let’s pencil in meeting there some time soon; in the meantime, this West Coast-inspired dip will tide us over (see what I did there?)


5. Flip-Flop Fun Cookies

So cute, they’ll send rays of USDA-choice good vibes right down to your toes. And they’re super-easy to make, meaning less time in the kitchen and more time watching corny movies for emotional vitamin D.


6. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

Freshened up with fresh slices of strawberry, these treats are a little nibble of spring happy. Plus, if you eat it off a skewer, the calories don’t stick. Would I lie to you?


7. Mini Mandarin Orange Cheesecakes

Making cheesecake crust out of your favorite cereal: Why has nobody thought of this before? ’Course, saving this treat as a midwinter secret weapon is kinda genius in itself.


8. No-Bake Cherry-Almond Squares

Smart eating has a hot new trend: ancient grains. Snack it up with these no-bake, no-sweat treats made with down-to-earth ingredients.


9. Pesto Hummus

The two kinda-exotic flavors that have become your snacking mainstays, now simultaneously scoopable. Yeah, say THAT three times fast with your mouth full.


10. Long Island Iced Tea Fruit Pops

Some people have a hard-and-fast rule about no cocktails before noon. So the question is, if your bev of choice comes in solid form, can you start, say, 11:30ish?


11. Meringue Fruit Cups

Clouds were invented when someone ate a meringue and thought, “We need bigger versions of these.” Or maybe it was the other way around? Anyways, sugary light crusts, fresh fruit in the middle, so much to love.


12. Rainbow Macarons

Repeat after us: Roy G. Biv. What’s better than a rainbow for brightening a dull winter day? 7 colors of sweetness, that’s what.


13. Greek Yogurt Caramel Fruit Dip

’Round about February week four, your limited fruit options start to look a little – dare we say it – overripe. Dip slices into this creamy, caramely dip, though, and it’s a fresh-picked favorite.


14. Mini Mimosa Pancake Stacks

The teeny-tiny stacks mean the perfect pancake-to-whipped-cream ratio. The champagne and mascarpone in the whipped cream mean taste bud heaven.


15. Blueberry Cheesecake-Stuffed Lemon Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

As the saying goes, it’s what’s inside that counts. So these stuffed cupcakes count for at least 20. On a scale of 1 to 10.


16. Cherry-Pistachio and Chocolate Yogurt Bowl

The moment those early-season cherries appear, you’ve got something to celebrate. Throw a one-person party with fresh, body-boosting yogurt and a little chocolate for your soul.


17. Mini Rainbow Fruit Pizzas

Strawberries for red. Blackberries for indigo. Oranges for... well, orange, duh. Make your nutritionist/mom proud and eat some fruit. (We’ll keep that sugar-cookie crust just between the two of us.)


18. Mini French Silk Cookie Pies

It’s physically impossible not to eat one of these cookie-crust mini pies without having a stop-and-make-a-weird-noise moment. We understand. Take all the time you need.


19. Churro Cheesecake Bites

Churros = la vida awesome. These cinnamony mini-cheesecakes capture the sweet treat flavor and mix it with luscious, creamy filling. Mucho yum.


20. Roasted Cauliflower Bruschetta

The taste of summer, straight from your oven. Roast up some delicious cauliflower, toast up some savory slices of bread, and start planning that first summer cookout.