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21 Epic Burgers You've Gotta Try

21 Epic Burgers You've Gotta Try
Goodbye boring burgers. Hello cheese, bacon, sriracha and everything epic!
By Burn The Wine

With this list of burgers that have over-the-top add-ons and add-ins, grilling burgers will never be the same.

Time to get super-serious about a very important topic: burgers. Hanbaagaa, hamburgesa, le hamburger; a veritable paragon of meaty excellence revered by almost all across many lands.

But here at Tablespoon, we want something really amazingly delicious – we want to take epicness to a new level with cheese, bacon, and all kinds of rad adds.

Here’s a list of the bestest, tastiest, most meatacular bun fillers around!


1. Grilled Bourbon Bacon Burgers

I know you were probably drawn in by the words “bourbon” and “bacon” and that’s fine – just so you also know about the mound of melty cheese that's the fatal blow to any skepticism regarding the out-of-this-world flavor of this burger. 


2. Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Burgers

Ground beef is wrapped around BACON and served up with a creamy cheese. Glory on a bun.


3. Spicy Peanut-Butter Bacon Sliders

Peanut butter adds nutty flavor to this over-the-top slider recipe. Infused with sriracha, it'll please your spice-loving guests too.


4. Stuffed Mexican Burgers

Cheese and spice makes everything nice, but green chiles and taco seasoning create a fiesta in your face. 


5. Mozzarella Stuffed Mushroom Pizza Burger

Torn between your two greatest loves – a yummy cheesy pizza or a savory, meaty burger? YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE! You can have it all with this great recipe. And just check out that cheese in the middle ... enough said.


6. Loaded Nacho Burgers

You know how sometimes you’re out with friends and you order nachos and it’s sort of this unspoken rule that nachos are for sharing? Don’t you sometimes wish you could just hork down all nachos by yourself? Here is the answer, friend. Put nacho toppings on a burger! 

7. Ravioli Stuffed Sliders

“Okay, now you’re just being silly,” you’re thinking. Well, maybe – but you’re not the boss of me. If you were, I’d generate a report demonstrating the massive taste-to-size ratio in these unconventional little burgers. And then I’d get a raise.


8. 5 Napkin Signature Burger

"5 Napkin" – what does it mean? Is that how many napkins you'll need to wipe up your drool after laying eyes upon this succulent, savory burger? Yes. The answer is actually yes. And you'll need 5 to wipe up the juice too. Just. Look. At. This.


9. Thai Chicken Burgers

Exotic and spicy, this burger is like having delicious chicken satays presented to you on a fluffy Pillsbury Grands! Homestyle buttermilk biscuit. 


10. Mushroom Swiss Burgers

“Oh come on now! You’re just throwing all the delicious things on a burger, and I’m pretty sure that’s cheating,” is what you’re thinking right now. Well, I won’t say you’re wrong, but do ya really want to be right? 


11. Monster Veggie Burgers

We can’t let the carnivores have all the fun, now can we? You don’t even have to be a veggie-phile to enjoy this colorful and tasty burger. 


12. French Onion Barbecue Burgers

Ooh-la-la I’m in love! This burger is topped with French-fried onions, yummy melted cheddar cheese, and sour cream all coddled lovingly in a Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Layers refrigerated biscuit. It’s an affair to remember! 


13. Bulgogi Burger

I saw this recipe and I literally (and I do mean that this occurred in my real, actual life) gasped aloud. What mad, delicious genius is this!? This recipe features a flavorful Korean sauce that is going to blow you away! 


14. Caramelized Beer Onion and Bacon Burgers

Beer in the burger, beer in the onions – what a great way to drink your beer and eat it too!


15. Neapolitan Pizza Burgers

Most pizza burgers have pizza ingredients IN the burger. This one has the burger ON a pizza. Big diff!


16. Falafel Burger 

Chickpea patties are topped with tasty tzatziki sauce in this meat-free veggie version.


17. Grilled Buffalo Burgers

Cool avocado slices tame these super easy 5-ingredient patties.


18. Taco Burgers

Check out under the hood of this delish beast and you'll find a salsa-topped taco-flavored burger with all the trimmings.


19. Portabella Mushroom Burgers

Yep, they're giant 'shrooms grilled up and covered in melted cheese, proving once again that epic burgers don't have to include ground beef!


20. Reuben Bratwurst Burgers

Brat patties are piled high with the makings of a Reuben sammy – hot off the grill!


21. The Ultimate Chili Cheese Sauce Biscuit Burger

Ultimate is what it is. And the perfect pick to end our list of burger epicness.