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3 Awesome Flatbreads

By Half-Baked Harvest
Created March 1, 2017
3 awesome flatbreads
Cheesy, crispy flatbread—ahh, it’s my favorite!


I serve it for dinner, eat it for leftovers and present it as an appetizer. Flatbread is just an all-around awesome food! Today I’m sharing three quick and easy recipes.

You can try all three recipes or just pick your favorite—either way I know you’ll love these easy ways to switch up flavors and make flatbread so much more exciting!


1. Indian Beef Flatbread

First up is this colorful Indian flatbread. It really packs in the delicious flavors of Indian food while remaining simple.


I used harissa for my sauce and topped it with seasoned beef and spicy curry powder.


Then I added plenty of goat cheese and finished the flatbread off with a sprinkle of pomegranate and roasted cashews.


If you love Indian food, this is the ultimate loaded flatbread!


2. Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Pot Pie Flatbread

Second up is a chicken pot pie-inspired flatbread—but with a twist!


I made this flatbread with chicken, spinach and artichokes and then topped it with wedges of Brie cheese.


So much YUM.


If you’re a fan of creamy chicken pot pies, you will love this flatbread!


3. French Onion Flatbread

Third, the French onion flatbread (my personal favorite).


All of the flavors of French onion soup, on flatbread!


I’m talking caramelized onions, butter and Gruyere cheese.


Honestly, flatbread does not get better than this!