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3 DIY Turkey Seasonings Better Than You Can Buy

Turkey Seasonings
3 DIY Turkey Seasonings Better Than You Can Buy! This year, ditch the boring bird and try out one of these flavorful five-minute dry rubs.

Let’s face it: The same turkey that you’ve had for Thanksgiving every year running can get a little bit boring after two or three decades.

That’s why this year we’re digging these three takes on classic turkey seasoning. They change things up without changing them TOO much—this is Thanksgiving, after all—and provide great flavor payoff while still keeping everything easy, easy, easy. So give ‘em a try—you’re guaranteed a bird that’s seasoned just right.

Not quite ready to tackle a whole bird? No worries. These are also awesome on turkey breasts, boneless and bone-in chicken, or any other kind of poultry you like. (How good would these be on chicken wings for a Thanksgiving Day football appetizer?)

Thanksgiving Turkey Seasoning

Fresh fall herbs like rosemary and sage provide classic flavor, while butter and olive oil give you that beautiful, crispy, golden-brown skin everybody wants in their Thanksgiving turkey.

Chipotle-Brown Sugar Turkey Seasoning

Hello, sweet heat! Spiked with loads of dried chipotle peppers, brown sugar and a few simple herbs, this blend works equally well on any protein, from grilled pork to roasted salmon. (In other words: Mix up a batch today.)

Greek Turkey Seasoning

With surprising ingredients like cinnamon and mint, this blend quite literally brings something new to the table. Bonus tip: If you whisk a few tablespoons of this dry rub together with oil and vinegar, it also makes a delicious Greek salad dressing!