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3 Easy Breads to Make in Your Slow-Cooker

By Half Baked Harvest
Created March 1, 2017
easy slow cooker breads
Free up your oven by making bread in your slow-cooker.

My family REALLY loves bread. I swear, my mom and little sister could live off of bread alone! Between the two of them, they can go through a loaf of bread in just ONE morning.

No joke!

I’m always looking for new bread recipes and easy, simple ways to make bread. I don’t have a fancy bread machine, but I do have a slow-cooker. So I got to thinking, “Why don’t I try baking bread in that?”

I got out a few of my favorite bread recipes and adapted them. I went through a little trial and error, but finally got the perfect method! I made three very different (and very delicious) loaves.


1. Whole Grain Breakfast Bread

The first is a Whole Grain Breakfast Bread that yes, is perfect for breakfast!


It’s loaded with seeds and whole grains, and will keep you feeling full all morning long.


2. Rosemary Olive Oil Beer Bread

The second is a simple Rosemary Olive Oil Beer Bread.


It’s savory and perfect for Sunday night dinner or as a side to a warm and cozy soup.


3. Cinnamon Brioche Bread

The third and final loaf is a sweet Cinnamon Brioche Bread. You could eat this at breakfast, for a midday snack, as a late night treat.


Just be warned, it’s addicting!

All three recipes are really easy and simple to throw together. I think you’ll LOVE this method of baking bread. Not only does it free up the oven, but it truly makes a great loaf of bread. YUM!