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3 Frozen Yogurt Pops That Signal the Start of Summer

Created March 13, 2017
granola pops

Freeze your own creamy crunchy yogurt pops for the ultimate in warm-weather treats!

The countdown to cool has begun. The sun is out. Summer weather is here 24/7ish. You’ve pulled out those cutoffs and considered hosing off your beach crusier. Flip flops on, sunscreen slathered. A quick trip to the store for a pack of freezer pops and you’ll be fully stoked for the season.

Except, WAIT.

Why hit the store? You’re a DIY Royale. The ultimate InstaKitchenista. Forget those bags of prefabbed sweets and freeze up your own fro-yo pops. We’ve custom-created three beautiful pops, keeping your creative sensitibilities in mind.

All three of these versions start in pretty much the same way. Blend ingredients together and pour into molds.

When making your own pops from ready-to-go yogurt, keep in mind you’ll need to add fat and/or sugar to keep the final frozen pops from ending up icy. We stirred agave into Yoplait and it worked perfectly.

Once the base mixture is blended, each pop takes on its own variation. One is layered before freezing with sugared Golden Grahams.

One is topped with a sweet second layer of vanilla, then dipped into chocolate after the initial freeze is finished.

And the third is dipped in white chocolate and quickly rolled in a layer of flavored crunchies.

The secret to all three of these pops (and really any homemade gourmet pop recipe) is: take it easy, don’t rush. Allow your pops to fully freeze overnight. Then, remove from the molds and keep on parchment-lined baking sheets in the freezer as you finish the dips and sprinkles.

You’ll end up with perfect-looking pops every time if you do it this way. Try to rush the process, and you’ll end up with mushy looking edibles.

Plan on at least 2 days of pop prep for best results. Which really is worth it, considering you’ll come away with a batch of these gorgeous noms!

1. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Pops

Vanilla yogurt and black cherries are blended together, layered with a small dollop of vanilla on top, frozen until firm, then dipped into dark chocolate and sprinkles.

These pops are beyond beautiful and taste so gourmet. Around here, we simply don’t eat enough cherries, so it was fun to blend up the mellow sweet flavors of these summer fruits, top them in chocolate and create pops so pretty, they could be a birthday present.

2. Key Lime Cheesecake Pops

Key lime yogurt makes a great base for these pretty layered pops. After a few alternating key lime and vanilla strands are spooned into your mold, we added crushed Golden Grahams to the mold to make cheesecake inspired pops.

Though these look tres gourmet, they’re dead simple. Even kids could help you in the kitchen on this one.

3. Strawberry Banana Crunch Pops

If you’ve ever craved a strawberry shortcake ice pop, we took that classic iced treat and one-upped it, adding a layer of white chocolate dipped into crunchy freeze-dried strawberries, bananas and sweet Vanilla Chex cereal. These pops are beyond irresistible.

Once ready, we offered the tray to a roomful of teens for after-school noshing. They scrambled to select a freezer pop, then mumbled rave reviews of all three flavors through bite-after-bite.

Perhaps the best part of these pops is—you really can make all three at once. And it’s so deliciously worth it.

Brooke blogs at Cheeky Kitchen where she shares crazy simple, healthy family recipes. She joined Tablespoon to share some of her best, so keep an eye on Brooke's profile to see what she cooks up next!