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3 Legitimately Classy Ways to Hack a Can of Biscuit Dough

Created March 3, 2017
Biscuit Hack hero

Biscuits for breakfast. It’s how you become a morning person, you know.

He walked inside after tinkering on our fleet of mountain bikes in the garage (an everyday occurrence around here) and declared “Alright, where are the flaky biscuits?” And I shouted back “How did you know?” To which The Bae responded, “You can smell them all the way outside.”

And thus began the breakfast hour.

I’d set out that morning to revolutionize yer basic batch of refrigerated biscuits. After a haute new coffee shop opened around the corner, with an array of fresh-baked, golden pastries, priced around $6 each, I’d been craving a morning full of flaky pastry goodness. But couldn’t bear breaking a Hamilton for a piece of dough. So decided it was time to figure out how to make my own.

Armed with some killer inspo and four tubes of Grands! Biscuits, I set out to make exactly the sort of breakfast pastries I’ve been craving. Three of the ideas worked beautifully. The fourth was tossed into the garbage, because sometimes recipes don’t work out. And that’s a-okay. Because the three that did work out were a dream.

For each of these ideas, the concept is simple. Press down the center of an unbaked biscuit, fill with wonderthings, enjoy. Two twists on favorites, one tasty new idea. And these three recipes are ‘bout to become the new best way to turn a biscuit into breakfast.


Cherry Cheesecake Danish

Like a flat croissant filled with all the good stuff, fruit Danish are an all-time favorite. So I set out to create a fresh-made version, topped with real cherries, instead of those bright ruby-colored pie filling ones, which I’m plum dubious over in the first place. (What is even that color?)

The result was a honeyed cream cheese filling, topped with black cherries and drizzled with almond-vanilla icing. Just 10 minutes of prep for a charming little tart that tastes like it was made by a pastry chef pro. Only you never even once had to slip out of your pajamas.


Mini Quiche Lorraine Biscuits

I’ve eaten a lot of quiche in my day. But classic Quiche Lorraine wins ‘em all. The deep zing of Swiss cheese. The salty ham (or bacon, if you go that way). The mellow, earthy flavor of spinach. IAMGETTINGSOHUNGRY.

So, take all of those flavors and replace the traditional quiche crust with a flaky biscuit, and you’ll end up with these hand pie-style savory tarts. And you will not be able to resist them ever. In a thousand years.

Feel free to stir in any favorite cheese, meats or veggies here. Parm, gouda, cheddar. Sausage, bacon, shredded chicken. Zucchini, corn, heirloom tomatoes. The mix-in possibilities are endless. But do your face a favor and give the classic Quiche Lorraine combo at least once. It will be awful happy.

Huevos-Carnitas Breakfast Biscuits

Somewhere in the middle of Main Street in Moab, Utah, lies a little coffee shop with lines out the door, and often around the bend. Whenever we hit the town up on mountain bike getaways, visiting this shop is a must. And the BF never orders anything but breakfast carnitas. Because, really, once you take all the makings of a street taco and call it breakfast, how does one ever really go back?

Inspired by this lovely flavor combo, biscuit nest #3 was fixed. Golden biscuits, topped with cheddar-y scrambled eggs, pork carnitas (buy the premade packs from the grocery store and you’re good to go), salsa and so much cilantro, it’s like eating a garden. This breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day. It’s also the best thing you’ve ever tasted ever.

Biscuits for breakfast. It’s how you become a morning person, you know.

Brooke blogs at Cheeky Kitchen where she shares crazy simple, healthy family recipes. She joined Tablespoon to share some of her best, so keep an eye on Brooke's profile to see what she cooks up next!