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3 Ways to Amp Up Your Ice Cubes

By Sugar and Charm
Created March 1, 2017
Use ice cube tray to make special shapes and cool creations.

Here's a few simple ideas to spruce up the plain old ice cube and have some fun with ice cube trays!

There are endless trays and designs you can buy these days and the ideas of ingredients and concoctions are unlimited.

Even with a standard tray, you can melt chocolate and add a little stick in to make a chocolate pop. Adding fresh flowers, herbs or fruit to an ice tray filled with water are great options too and look beautiful.

This year, I made blue vodka ice cube stars for the 4th of July. It's fun to get creative and customize your own ice cubes to fit a party or a theme.

I made a few unique options below for inspiration... the honey ones being my favorite!

Lemonade Shots

These ice cube “shots” will be a hit at your next party! You can serve limoncello in them or even a bit of fine tequila. Customize them to a fruit that fits with your party. I sliced some lemons and made a half lemonade, half water mixture to pour into the tray. I placed the lemon slices in the water before they went into the freezer. They look awesome and they're so much fun!


Honey Cubes

I absolutely love these honeycomb-shaped ice cube trays. They're perfectly sweetened and add just the right amount of honey into your iced or hot tea. You can make them in a regular ice tray or use this cute honeycomb one! Warm some water and then add a few tablespoons honey. Stir it until it's combined and then pour into the tray to freeze.


Frozen Yogurt Letters

What'd you say? Alphabet letter molds?! Cool!

Using frozen yogurt, I let it sit out for a few minutes before I scooped it into the ice cube trays, so it was softer. Keep them in the freezer overnight and by the next day you'll have awesome frozen yogurt letters to serve your guests at your next party!


Let us know what other type of fun ice cube creations you've made!


Sugar and Charm shares her love for entertaining, baking and design on her own blog, sugarandcharm. Check her Tablespoon member profile for great new recipes!