4 Ways to Make Boozy Pops

By NY Barfly
Created March 2, 2017
Capture summer in a glass or on a stick with slush, snow cone and frozen treat recipes for grown ups. MORE+ LESS-

Summertime is about to go bye-bye, but one way to forget that fact is by spiking some of your favorite frozen treats.

Spiked frozen treats are perfect for enjoying during the last days of summer sun and into the fall. Labor Day may come and go, but it will be warm out for a while. Make summer last with these awesome adult recipes.

1. Blended Drinks into Slushies

Extend the freshness of summer with a Mojito Slush. Slushies are easy to make and are better if spooned out from a glass. Mix a blender full of your favorite frozen drink recipe – Mudslides, Margaritas, Mojitos, you name it. Blend on a lower setting for less time than you normally would. Instead of a liquid that you can sip through a straw, you’ll get a flavorful mound of ice that you can snack on with a spoon.

2. Snow Cone Cocktails

If you want to get a consistency that’s more like a fresh snowfall from a winter day, grab your child’s snow cone maker and go to town! The trick is not to use too much booze – if you pour a few shots of rum directly onto the ice, it will melt. Instead use more simple syrup that usual. This will also make your alcohol more vicious.  You will have to pre-flavor the liquor, so that it seeps into the ice without much effort. For example, for a mojito snow cone, mix a shot and a half of rum with a half a shot of simple syrup. Throw in a sprig of mint and muddle it up. Then pour the mixture over your snow cone and voilà – you’ve got a delicious treat to help you cool down.

3. Boozy Popsicles: Wine Edition

Adding an alcoholic kick to an ice pop is easier than making snow cones, because you can do them in batches. They do take longer because you have to give them time to solidify. A great place to start is with your favorite wine or champagne – the natural sugars make these awesome summer treats! To make a wine pop even sweeter, incorporate chunks of alcoholic fruit, such as in Sangria Pops. If you are not a fan of red wine, you can substitute your favorite white wine or rose. Or, if you prefer a variety of wine pops, check out this recipe for Poptails.

4. Alcoholic Pops: Something Stronger

Even if you happen to be in snowy New England, the tequila in Cranberry Orange Adult Popsicles will transport you south of the border. Or go tropical and make Coconut Lime Pops. These pops will let you lick the flavors of the tropics well past Labor Day!


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