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5 Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Venture beyond the margarita for your Cinco de Mayo celebration. MORE+ LESS-
By NY Barfly

This Cinco de Mayo go beyond the traditional margarita.

Ok, that’s a tall order, so how about this: start with a standard margarita and then move on to a more interesting Cinco de Mayo drink recipes that still capture the day’s South-of-the-border spirit.

The Mangorita

If you are hesitant to move away from the mix of tequila, lime and triple sec, start small with this take on the classic Mexican cocktail. All you need to do is throw some mango nectar into the mix. It’s a nice, sweet tropical twist and goes great with that salt on the rim.


Tropical Fiesta Cocktail

If tequila is not your cup of tea (maybe after a little too much of the agave-spirit during the college years) the bloggers over at The Hungry Couple came up with a festive frozen drink that is perfect for the fifth of May. The base is rum and the mix makes use of fruits like banana, coconut, pineapple and lime.


The Mint Julep Margarita

It’s a busy weekend for cocktails this year, as the Kentucky Derby is on Saturday and Cinco is on Sunday. So why not combine the two festive days with this mash-up – a traditional julep spiked with tequila? If you have access to stainless steel cups and crushed ice, all the better.


La Flama Blanca

Mezcal is like tequila’s smokier cousin. The Mexican spirit is made with agave, but unlike tequila the ingredient is roasted over a fire to add some complex smoke notes. Blogger TastyTrix scores a recipe dubbed the La Flama Blanca, which balances the smokiness with some basil and lime and adds some haberno for spice. This memorable drink is a cool breeze and a hot smoky fire all in one.


The Will You Mari-achi Me

This tequila cocktail is like a margarita turned up to 11. The bloggers at A Round Or Two have a recipe that lays on the intense flavors. There’s tamarind, allspice, tart grapefruit and vanilla bitters – it’s a complex and tasty mix that will surely leave you reaching for a second round.



nybarfly knows his drinks and also where to get the best sauce in Manhattan. Check out his blog site, NYBarfly and his Tablespoon profile — be sure to continue to check Rock UR Party for more tips and suggestions for discovering new bevvies.