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5 Killer Bundt Pan Hacks

Created January 26, 2017
bundt pan hacks
And not one involves cake.

Hack #1: Gettin’ Jiggly with It

Christmas Jello Salad Ring: Equal parts dessert and jello shot, this pretty layered jello mold is delightfully retro in every way. Get ready to rack up the oohs and ahhs. 

Hack #2: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Bundt™ Pan Roasted Chicken and Vegetables: When we heard you could roast a chicken in a Bundt™ pan, we didn’t believe it. Then we tried it, and WE BELIEVE SO MUCH.

Hack #3: Monkey Breeeeaaad

Christmas Morning Monkey Bread: Also known as pull-apart bread. (Also also known as “worth waking up for.”) 

Hack #4: All of the Cheese

Hot Cheesy Party Ring: Come for the cheese, stay for the bacon. Everyone will want to get their hands on this party bread. 

Hack #5: What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Ice Mold!

Cherry-Infused Dr. Pepper™ Punch: A punch bowl ice ring is the OG Bundt™ pan hack, and it’s here to stay.