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5 Super Easy Rainbow-Themed Party Ideas

By Guest Blogger
Created March 2, 2017
5 Super Easy Rainbow-Themed Party Ideas
Here are some colorful ideas for easy rainbow party food and decor.

As everyone knows, at Tablespoon we love our rainbows.

From Double Rainbow Jelly Shots to Melted Rainbow Cakes, there’s hardly a celebration that goes by without our 'bow in tow.

So when our friends at Brit + Co made us four amazing (and super easy!) DIY party decorations to help us celebrate our upcoming 6 birthday we were over the rainbow!

They're genius, and work so well with all of our rainbow recipes. Read on for inspiration on how to create your own ROYGBIV bash that’s perfect for birthdays, pride parties and more!


Geometric Rainbow Garland

How awesome are these garlands? We kind of want to hang them above our desks, in our bedrooms and everywhere that needs a little brightening up.


Tools + Materials:

- decorative hole punches (triangle, circle, square)

- colorful card stock

- sewing machine



1. Use your decorative hole punches to punch out tons of shapes.

2. Lay out the shapes on a table to plan your order. You can go for the traditional rainbow or do a more abstract pattern using blocks of colors in a row.

3. Use a sewing machine to sew all of the shapes together!


As you can see, this decor hack is simple as can be, thanks to the magic of a sewing machine. This same method can be applied to any party theme or color palette. Simply select a bunch of colors that work and punch shapes out of cardstock. Then, to create the garland, use a sewing machine to sew all of the shapes together.


So fun!


Double Rainbow Cupcakes

That's right. A rainbow of cupcakes that has a top secret and completely delicious rainbow surprise on the inside! Get the full recipe here.


These cupcakes lasted all of about 5 minutes here at Brit HQ. And if it's been a while since you relived Yosemitebear62's rainbow-based revelation, go ahead and kick back, relax and revel in the YouTube sensation beauty of the double rainbow.


They’re pretty AND delicious!


Color Blocked Drink Stirrers

Next up, a little somethin' somethin' to give your cocktails extra color and personality.


Tools + Materials:

- decorative hole punches (triangle, circle, square)

- scissors

- white cardstock paper

- colorful cardstock paper

- lollipop sticks, stir sticks or wooden skewers

- glue or double-sided tape



1. Use your decorative hole punches to punch out tons of shapes using the white cardstock.

2. Use the same punches to punch out shapes using the colorful cardstock. Then cut those pieces in half (or in thirds, etc) so that you can attach them to the white shapes to create a color blocked look.

3. Attach the colored pieces to the white ones using glue or double-sided tape.

4. Take two of the same shape and attach them to a stick back-to-back to create a double-sided stirrer.

5. Adorn your drinks!


Follow the instructions above to see how we made these playful stirrers.


Color Blocked Coasters

Now, what about a little table bling for your drinks? These color blocked coasters are a favorite around here, and you can make them in a matter of minutes.


Tools + Materials:

- tile coasters

- cork coasters

- acrylic paint

- spray shellac (to seal in paint)

- painter's tape



1. Place a piece of painter's tape on your coaster.

2. Paint in a color of your choice. Let dry.

3. Add a stenciled monogram or design if you want! Let dry.

4. Once you have a design you like, seal the deal with spray shellac.

5. Let dry overnight before using.


You can use tile, cork or even cardboard coasters for this but we recommend cork or tile for longevity. You're gonna want these colorful buddies for more than just your rainbow party ;) We painted our cork coasters white to create a more polished look. Then, start by placing a piece of painter's tape on your coaster to create the blocked or dipped look. Paint the taped off section with a color of your choice. Let dry.


Rainbow Fabric Backdrop

This serves as a great photo backdrop, but also doubles as wall decor wherever you need a punch of color. Brit + Co created a similar piece of decor in the book, Homemakers, as a window covering alternative to curtains.


Tools + Materials:

- jersey knit fabric in all the colors of the rainbow

- scissors

- large wooden dowel or curtain rod



1. Cut pieces of fabric so they're 4-6 inches wide and at least 5 feet long. Go longer or wider depending on the space you are trying to fill.

2. Tie each piece of a wooden dowel or curtain rod.

3. Hang on the wall behind a dessert table or in a spot where it can act as a photo backdrop. Done and done.



Now, time for a rainbow photo shoot!


This post is a collaboration with Brit + Co.